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QQI Level Supervision in Early Childhood Care 6N1973 Assignment Sample Ireland 

This sample essay is all about the course Supervision in Early Childhood Care with course code 6N1973 and it has the objective to make the learners aware of the know-how, skills, and competence in matters of supervision regarding providing effective childcare and education services within the ECCE framework.

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On successful completion of the course, the candidates receive a minor Level 6 award from QQI. In this essay, the various learning outcomes of the course are also discussed in brief. Besides, the readers can also understand the assessment types and techniques that are associated with the course. 

Learning Outcomes of the Course Supervision in Early Childhood Care 6N1973

This essay discusses the learning outcomes of the course Supervision in Early Childhood Care with course code 6N1973. The following are important points in this regard:-

Evaluate the important concepts, practices, and principles in leadership, line management, and supervision within the ECCE setting

There are vital leadership concepts, principles, and practices, line management, and supervision within the ECCE settings. They are important so that the hazards and child harm can be prevented. For this sake, the childcare professionals require to actively involve the kids and monitor whatever the kids are doing at any point of the day. Leadership concepts and principles are also important for the holistic development of the kid. 

Analyze a supervisor’s responsibilities within an ECCE setting and analyze the important skills and attributes required, including organizational skills, time management,   communication, and knowhow of guidelines for best practices

Concerning childcare services, there are some best practice guidelines and childcare professionals need to be aware of that. Besides, the childcare professionals also require knowing skills to communicate with the kids, families, and colleagues for the overall development of the child. The professionals also need to have time management skills, and organizational skills to perform their respective duties effectively.

Explanation of the supervisor’s role within the ECCE setting in setting up best practices and in maintaining, establishing, and continuously improving quality and standards

The supervisor motivates and also supports members of his team. He implements procedures and policies within an ECCE setting as per best practice guidelines.

Identify processes to support and motivate team members in obtaining agreed actions

There are various ways by which childcare professionals can motivate the members of their team and they include 1) operant conditioning, 2) objective and 3) equity 4) expectancy.

Develop methods to overcome barriers in proper supervision, including understanding the challenges and issues when working with teams, and individuals and finding out possible resolutions

Childcare professionals need to ensure effective supervision by overcoming professional barriers. This course discusses the same. 

Implement a range of organizational policies and procedures in an ECCE setting ensuring adherence to best practices and guidelines

The childcare professionals require implementing procedures and policies within the ECCE setting so that the best practices and guidelines are adhered to.

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Utilize different types of supervisory skills to monitor, and supervise staff within an ECCE setting

The course also features the supervisory skills that the professional childcare workers require displaying to supervise staff within an ECCE setting.

Assign tasks to others, monitor progress, and evaluate results

The professionals associated with childcare services in Ireland require doing tasks like assigning tasks, monitoring the progress of the tasks, and also evaluating results. The course helps the students to understand the same. 

Supervise teams within ECCE settings, to incorporate agreeing upon actions and plans for progress monitoring and evaluation

There can be various activities that the childcare workers require doing. Sometimes, the professionals need to supervise a team within the ECCE setting so that a plan of action can be agreed upon among the professionals. Also, the professionals require monitoring and evaluating the progress of various childcare activities. 

Self analyze on skills and attributes as a supervisor, incorporate time management, organizational, and communication skills for the achievement of goals

The professionals often require introspecting so that they can display better communication skills, management skills, and organizational skills while performing their duties.

Evaluate learning and or training needs of the team, implementing training plans in line with organizational objectives

Often there remains a need for training the professionals about various childcare activities. The course provides information on how the evaluation of training needs of a team can be done and training plans implemented as per organizational objectives.

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There are various assignment types and they include reflective writing, submission or collection of work, work experience diary, and learner record. Assessment types also incorporate demonstration of skills to the assessors. All these help the assessors to assess the skills and knowledge of the candidate who has participated in the course in context. Besides the assessment types, several assessment techniques are used by the assessors to assess the skills and knowledge of the candidate who has pursued the course Supervision in Early Childhood Care 6N1973. These techniques include online assessments, quizzes, tests, remote exams, online exams, and the collection of works that are required for the submission of assignments. Work submission is often done with the help of online learning management tools like blackboard moodle and other related platforms. 

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