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QQI Level Things to know about Healthcare & Childcare Sector in Ireland Sample

In Ireland, many work in the health and childcare sectors. These professionals have to do a very responsible job. They look after the people irrespective of their age. They try to provide high-quality services to the aged as well as the kids in Ireland. There are many things to understand as far as healthcare and childcare sectors In Ireland are concerned.

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This essay provides information about these things. In this context, it is relevant to put that it can be a difficult task assisting the aged, kids with health-related issues, and learning disabilities. However, many who invest time and other resources in such types of jobs admit that it can be rewarding doing such types of jobs. 

Programs in Healthcare and Childcare Sectors in Ireland

Several programs are available in the healthcare and childcare sectors in Ireland. These include programs like health and social care and kid’s healthcare services. Ireland is a part of the European Union. The country has invested in various healthcare programs. It has a network of private or public infrastructures in the form of hospitals, and nursing homes manned by qualified professionals like doctors and nurses.

The administration of the various healthcare facilities in Ireland is of high quality. Medical professionals like doctors and nurses are in direct contact with the patients. They try to offer high-quality child care services. The entire healthcare sector is ideal for the well-being of the economy of Ireland. 

Following are the important programs in the healthcare and childcare sectors in Ireland:-

Health and Social Care

If you are in the health and social care sector in Ireland then you require being part of hospitals or nursing homes. There are several clinics distributed across Ireland. Being part of hospitals you require helping people with their needs. You can also extend help and support to the doctors, and other medical staff like nurses, take care of patients, and engage in doing things like making as well as serving food, cleaning the wards, and handling the paper works. 


If you are aspiring to be one of the many childcare professionals then you require taking care of kids. You need to participate in playing games with the kid. Also, you require doing supervision of the kids, and people in the nursery. You can also help the kids in the playgroups and offer child-minding services as well as contribute to the development of the kids. 

Skills Required to be part of the Childcare Sector

If you want to be part of the childcare sector in Ireland then there are a few skills that you need to know. The healthcare workers require to have strong IT skills, and literacy skills if they intend to be in the administration. It is also important for professionals to know how to engage with kids of different ages and with abilities. The professionals also require knowing the art of keeping the kids safe and secure. Healthcare professionals require clinical skills. They need to understand the human body and the problems associated with the body. Such skills can be easily honed. Besides possessing the skills the professionals need to be caring and compassionate. 

Careers in Childcare Sector

There are a wide range of jobs if you are planning to join the healthcare or the childcare:-

  • Support worker
  • Mental-health worker
  • Assistant
  • Substance-misuse worker
  • Community worker
  • Nursery teacher
  • Night-care assistant

If you have experience and qualifications then you can become a supervisor, team leader, and manager. 

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How to Come to the Healthcare or Childcare Sector?

There are various ways by which you can come to the healthcare or childcare sectors. These are listed as follows:-

  • Apprenticeships
  • Certificates and National Diplomas 
  • Vocational qualifications / A Levels
  • Diplomas (HNDs) and Higher National Certificates (HNCs) 
  • Foundation Degrees
  • Bachelor’s Degrees

If you want to serve the childcare sector in Ireland as an apprenticeship, you should do volunteer or charity in this sector. By doing so you can enhance your skills, get a chance to elevate your confidence level, and at the same time do good for the community. 

Earn and Learn

It would be interesting to know that the careers in the healthcare and childcare sectors are immensely practical. While you are studying at the university level you can earn also. If you are working as an apprentice then you can attend your studies at the college to get technically qualified and simultaneously you can receive payments for being an apprenticeship. 

Levels of Apprenticeship in Childcare Sectors

There are mainly two levels of apprenticeship that are offered in the childcare sector. The one that you select is dependent on your qualifications and experience. 

Level Two – is the same as Standard Grades/ GCSEs 

Level Three –is the same as A Levels 

It takes 2 years to complete such an apprenticeship. The candidate can work for another year to gain Level Three.

Apprenticeship in Childcare Sector in Ireland

If you are an apprentice in the healthcare or childcare sector in Ireland then it implies that you require work hard. You need to wake up early in the morning or you need to stay awake late at night. You may require visiting hospitals, childcare units, and admin departments. 

As a childcare apprentice, you require to be more focused during the day. You may have to start early in the day and finish in the evenings. You may require to visit a nursery, you may require to spend a day with the kids, and make sure that you keep the kids occupied with various types of activities such as reading, and playing. 


Both working in the healthcare sector and the childcare sector is a tough proposition. You may require dressing as well as undressing patients, and kids. You may need to help the patients, and kids to the bathroom, or toilet. You could be facing tantrums and ill behavior if you are dealing with kids. But the good thing is that you will be paid for the job that you are doing.

Also, if you are associated with an academic institution such as a school or college then you can study there as well, gaining qualifications as you complete your studies. You learn to be independent when it comes to money and time. The professionals who are associated with the childcare sector and the healthcare sector try to make the world a better place. Undoubtedly, such jobs are very significant.

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