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The healthcare students preparing for Qqi Level courses often get confused with the task assigned by their professors. The students as a learner get a chance to provide care and support services to the elderly. However, it can be a daunting task to provide care support to someone and cure their physical and mental health. With efficient knowledge and an in-depth understanding of social care services, healthcare providers can help adults deal with illness and disability. Moreover, care support can take different forms including help while people live at home, hospital, or in a special care home. Whatever the task assigned to students, the main motive of care support assignment is to enhance their learning to work effectively in a care setting.

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Example of Care Support Assignment for Irish Students

Title: What is the need for care support planning?

Aim of the study: Care support planning motivates healthcare providers to help anyone with needs and encourage social care staff to take part in the care providing process. It helps individuals to set their aims and then secures the care support required to achieve those goals. The students as a learner get a chance to work with professional care support provider and fulfill the health and care needs of adults.

Introduction: People suffering from disability often consult professional care supporter who can be a doctor, social worker, or a nurse to get care support. The main motive of the healthcare supporters is to bring the new skills and knowledge among adults so that they can understand their disability and the choices for treatment. Care support workers help and assist people by providing excellent care to them and thus offer a valuable role in society. By working with vulnerable people, care support providers help individuals to overcome the illness and experience a crucial time while providing care to the elderly.

Main body section:

What are the Responsibilities of a Care Support Worker?

The care support assistants can work from any type of environment that is suitable to provide help and care to individuals. Their responsibility is to work with disabled individuals struggling with illness and need help for performing day-to-day activities. Being a support worker, my primary duty was to enhance the lives of those individuals who require care support:

  • By conducting different interviews with adults and their families, I was capable to assess the needs of people with special needs.
  • Monitoring the medical conditions of individuals was my major concern. We have to submit the assessment report daily, thus I supposed to do a daily health checkup.
  • Helping clients with general tasks like washing, dressing, drinking, eating, and many more are the responsibilities of healthcare supporters.

Apart from all such activities, it is crucial to take participate in training to advance knowledge and maintain medical records. My mentor asked me to introduce clients with various recreational activities and help them to overcome their physical and mental illness effectively.

What skills are required to become a care support worker?

Interaction is one of the major skills that individuals must possess to become a care support worker. Whether it’s about providing care to children, adults, or the elderly, care support workers should know how to interact properly. Moreover, many people may have suffered from distressing time and thus require healthcare supporters to be patient and empathetic with them.

Conclusion: Providing care supporter to people is a rewarding job. Healthcare supporters must remain patient and calm while providing care to the elderly. There are several responsibilities that individuals must take care of while providing care support and managing the needs of the elderly.

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