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QQI Level 5 Rehabilitation Support (5N3775)  Assignment Example Ireland

This essay sample is about the course on Rehabilitation Support. It is a level 5 course having a total credit value of 15. Students or learners upon completing the course successfully are awarded the certification that is acknowledged by QQI.

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This essay sample provides useful insights on the purpose of learning the course. The course is aimed to make the learners aware of the skills, knowledge, and competencies about applying the practices and principles of rehabilitation so that individuals with limb absence or neurological injuries can be taken care of. The course helps the learners to know about the various outcomes of learning

ng, it helps the learners to know about the assessments and assessment techniques concerning the course Rehabilitation Support (5N3775).

Rehabilitation Support (5N3775) level 5 course learning outcomes

This section of the sample essay discusses the outcomes of learning. Following are some of the learning outcomes that are discussed in this sample essay.

Understanding of the responsibilities and roles in rehabilitation support

The course helps to understand the responsibilities and roles of the rehabilitation support worker. The rehabilitation support worker supports people to live on their own following an accident or illness.

The support workers help the people requiring rehabilitation with housing, social activities, finance, and life skills like budgeting and cooking.

Comprehending the roles of the anatomical systems in the process of rehabilitation

The course on Rehabilitation Support (5N3775) also discusses the roles of the various anatomical systems in the rehabilitation process. In this context, it is relevant to understand the concept of anatomical systems.

Human beings have a complex anatomical organization and that includes molecules, cells, sub-cellular items, organs, tissues, organisms, and apparatuses.

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Finding out the effect of disability and illness on an individual

This course also discusses in-depth the various effects of disability and illnesses on an individual. It is obvious that if a person is ill or suffering from a disease then it hurts that person’s sexuality and body image.

Provide help to meet the requirements of patients

The course in this context also elaborates on how to provide help and support to meet the requirements of patients suffering from ailments like pressure sores, absence of limbs, issues with bowel, issues bladder, and neurological injuries.

Use skills to take care of patients

The course on Rehabilitation Support (5N3775) also helps the learners or the students to use skills in taking care of patients suffering from neurological injuries, pressure sores, limb absence, issues with bladder, and neurological injuries. In this context, it is important to understand that if the rehabilitation support worker can make good use of his or her skills then the patients who are suffering can get cured and can lead a healthy lifestyle.

Use philosophy and knowledge for rehabilitating patients

In this course, the learners and the students can also get to know how to use the philosophy and knowledge so that patients with neurological injuries can be rehabilitated. Similarly, this course also highlights the guidelines that the rehabilitation worker can use to treat patients without limbs.

Understanding personal effectiveness in providing rehabilitation care

The various rehabilitation workers require to understand the personal effectiveness in providing rehabilitation care to the patients who need them. The course helps the rehabilitation workers to reflect on their weaknesses and strengths.

Highlight the abilities of the rehabilitation worker to furnish high-quality support and care

This course also helps the learners and the students alike to highlight the different abilities that are required for the rehabilitation worker to provide high-quality care and support to patients who need them. This is an important aspect of rehabilitation and it helps the patients to get proper treatments, it helps the patients to recover and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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Techniques of Assessments and Assessments

The students or the learners pursue the course on Rehabilitation Support (5N3775) and they are required to learn the lessons well for participating in assessments.

Assessments are conducted at the end of the learning session and the learner’s skills, competencies, and knowledge are evaluated. The student’s skills and competencies should be at par with the outcomes of learning. It is important to take the assessments regularly and the assessments must reflect the contemporary assessment guidelines.

In this context, the providers need to submit plans for assessments. Assessment plans incorporate data about scheduling of assessment or integration of assessment.

The assessors use various techniques for assessing the skills, competencies, and knowledge of the students and learners. The assessor has to devise the various techniques of assessment.

These techniques include mark sheets, examination papers, project briefs, and other criteria for assessment. The students are required to demonstrate their skills, they are required to submit learner records and work on examination theory.

The skill demonstration has a weightage of 30%

The learner records have a weightage of 20%

The examination theory has a weightage of 50%

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