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QQI Level Palliative Care Guidelines in Ireland Assignment Sample

People in Ireland may not know what palliative care is. As there are numerous medical terms, therefore, it is quite obvious for any individual to not know them. Palliative care is a caregiving approach in the field of medicine which has the objective of optimizing the quality of a life and alleviating the suffering of people suffering from complex or serious diseases, and illnesses. Many think that palliative care is always associated with dying.

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However, this is not the case. It is a fact that such type of caregiving is meant for adults or kids suffering from life-threatening conditions but there can be instances when a person can get cured and may not need palliative care. This essay highlights the various palliative care guidelines that are in place in Ireland. The different Irish hospitals and nursing homes require abiding by these guidelines while offering such caregiving services to patients.

Palliative Care Guidelines

This section of the essay highlights the various palliative care guidelines used in Ireland. The hospitals and nursing homes in Ireland require adhering to these guidelines while offering such services to terminal or serious patients. 

Palliative care guidelines mention that such treatments need to include the following:-

  • Nutritional alterations
  • Medications
  • Spiritual and emotional support
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Support for kids, caregivers of the family

Palliative care guidelines for all Caregiving Services

According to the palliative care guidelines in Ireland, there are many types of such caregiving services and they are as follows:-


If you are seriously indisposed or are suffering from a life-threatening disease then you may not be in a condition to communicate with your near and dear ones. You may also find it hard to exchange words with the caregivers. It is during this phase that you require a support group. A social worker can be of great help to you under such circumstances. A social worker can help you plan a meeting with your family or friends. That person can suggest ways and means to organize people for help and support. Such a type of person can also help the patient find medical information and medical services. Therefore, a social worker can certainly provide palliative care for caregivers, and family members in Irish hospitals and nursing homes. 


If you are suffering from a life-threatening disease and you feel sad, sometimes you feel angry or depressed then you require emotional palliative care. A counselor, support group, and a psychologist can help you to cope with stressful conditions. The palliative care guidelines make a provision for the hospitals and nursing homes in Ireland to use the services of professionals in this regard.


Patients with serious illnesses may not accept the reasons for the cause of the disease and then they may require spiritual help. The spiritual caregivers have answers to their queries. These professionals also help the patients to get a greater purpose after they have survived the deadly disease. Often hospital chaplains can act as spiritual palliative caregivers.


Various life-threatening diseases like cancers can negatively impact the mind. It can happen that people suffering from the disease may not get adequate sleep and for that reason, they may lead a stressful life. There are other times when patients are perturbed and they want to make sure that they are receiving proper medication. Palliative care for mental health includes counseling, exercises, and meditation. According to palliative care guidelines in Ireland, a support leader or a counselor or a psychologist can suggest solutions to reduce stress and anxiety. 

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Many life-threatening diseases or conditions are expensive. This can also result in anxiety and stress in patients, among the friends and family members of patients. During such situations, the patients need to talk to their respective health care teams. A financial counselor and a social worker can act as palliative caregivers for these causes. 


Life-threatening diseases like cancer and their subsequent treatment are dependent on multiple factors.  The factors include the type of cancer that the patient is facing, the stage of cancer, the treatment, and the health of the patient. Physical side effects incorporate fatigue, pain, sleeping issues, nausea, and breathing issues. Under such circumstances, palliative care includes physical therapy, anti-nauseating medicines, and nutrition. As per the palliative care guidelines in Ireland, Irish hospitals need to have access to the services of palliative care specialists, and pain and sleep specialists.

The various palliative care guidelines in Ireland also feature that there should be a separate palliative care treatment for patients suffering from cancers. There should be separate palliative care professionals for kids and adults and people who are more than 65 years of age. 

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The essay on palliative care guidelines in Ireland provides in-depth information about the notion of palliative care, the types of palliative care services that are available in Ireland, and various other aspects that are very much a part of palliative care guidelines in Ireland. In this context, it is needless to mention that the various hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare units in Ireland are expected to adhere to the guidelines while treating patients with serious illnesses.

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