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Skills demonstration Assignment Example

Many students suffering from disabilities begin developing a feeling of inadequacy or inferiority in them. To encourage those students and to enhance their confidence, a special or unique program has been set up in Ireland. This unique program refers to Special Needs Assisting. Various assessments, as well as assignments on skills demonstration, are given to Irish students on SNA. Skills demonstration aims to acknowledge the students with no disability on how to treat disabled children and the importance of providing care to children with special needs.

Every student should know that disabled children are not a curse of God and have some unique characteristics. The SNA program motivates the students to focus on the essential skills required to become the best special needs, assistants. Moreover, the SNA skill demonstration assignment is assigned in both Qqi Level 5 and Qqi Level 6 childcare courses. It helps students to ensure that children with special needs get the same facility to access schooling and other programs as children without disabilities. The students can research the behavioral impact of special education plus get a chance to recognize the diverse techniques to support children with disordered behavior.

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Skills Demonstration- Important sections

The skills demonstration is mainly divided into two sections, one is knowledge-based and the other involves practical work:

  • Section 1: The students as learners are required to enhance their knowledge concerning working with children having special needs.
  • Section 2: The students get assessed on the practical tasks with children having special needs. For this section, the Irish students are observed by the supervisor and tutors marked them through reflection diaries or journals.

Sample assignment on skills demonstration

Title: How to help children with special needs?

Learning disabilities impact the understanding and knowledge gaining the ability of the child. It is the responsibility of the special needs assistant to identify the learning disabilities and special ways to enhance the learning environment for children. SNAs can follow some critical tips to create a well-managed learning environment for children with special needs:

It is crucial to maintain a healthy balance of structure as well as unstructured processes for students with learning disabilities. SNAs should maintain a well-organized classroom plus limit distractions for the children with individuals needs.

The students with individual needs often face difficulty while understanding the set of different instructions at one time. Thus, it is vital to break down the diverse instruction set into smaller plus manageable tasks.

The care providers or special needs assistance should use both visual as well as auditory cues for helping children with special needs. Apart from it, they can also use physical cues when any students feel inattentive.

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Topics covered during the SNA skills demonstration assignment

There are several aspects that students can cover with the SNA skills demonstration assignment, which help them to learn how to guide disabled children:

  • Summary of the aid, current legislation, and help available for the children with special needs. It can include local SENO and NEPS reports.
  • Education options for the students that require special or individual needs. It helped me to research the existing plans for education for children suffering from disabilities.
  • Skills demonstration gives a clear distinction between integration and inclusion. It motivates students to focus on various skills, theories, and curriculum-related processes.
  • Learning opportunities to promote independence and responsibility among children with special needs. The students can study various techniques to manage the behavior of children suffering from disabilities.
  • Identify critical strategies with a supportive working environment to deal with the child with individual needs. The students can learn different activities adapted to the individuals and connect with the efficient learning environment experiences.

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