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QQI level 6 major (6M2218) Social and Vocational Integration Assignment Sample Ireland

This sample assignment discusses the FETAC level 6 course Social and Vocational Integration. This is a major course accredited by QQI. Successful completion of this course offers the learner with the Level 6 certification. The course code is 6M2218.

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The objective of the course is to make sure that the learners obtain skills, knowledge, and competence to work independently, be responsible for the work accomplished by other childcare professionals and provide services in vocational and social rehabilitation.

The course is so designed that it allows the learners to pursue higher education in relevant fields. This study guide discusses the various learning outcomes of the Social and Vocational Integration QQI level 6 course. The total credit value associated with this course is 120 and this will be obtained upon completion of a few certification courses.

This essay also provides an insight into the various certification courses that are associated with Social and Vocational Integration.

Certification courses associated with QQI Level 6 Major social and vocational integration 6M2218

The following table provides information about the various components that are part of the course QQI level 6 major (6M2218) Social and Vocational Integration:-

Course Code Component Title Level  Credit value
6N2196 Rehabilitation Practice 6 15
6N1975 Disability Awareness 6 15
6N2206 Person-Centered Planning 6 15
6N1946 Work Experience 6 15
6N1947 Work Practice 6 15
6N1949 Personal and Professional Development 6 15
6N1948 Team Leadership 6 15
6N2191 Leadership 6 15
6N1950 Communications 6 15
6N2207 Boundary Management 6 15
6N2209 Mental Health Awareness 6 15
6N2210 Learning Difficulty Awareness 6 15
6N2211 Assistive Technology 6 15
6N2212 Suicide Awareness 6 15
6N2214 Health Promotion 6 15
6N2215 Positive Behavioural Support 6 15

Outcomes of learning on studying social and vocational integration

This course review guide on social and vocational integration focuses on the various outcomes of learning the course with course code 6M2218. The following are important facts in this regard:-

Get to learn know-how relevant to the rehabilitation area

The learners learning the course on fetac level 6 social and vocational integration are required to exhibit the knowledge that they have acquired in the domain of rehabilitation. The learners should be able to display know-how of theoretical concepts as well as the theory in effective rehabilitation practice.

The course offers a detailed understanding of the knowledge that the learners will possess after having completed the course. 

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Know about the skills relevant to the rehabilitation area

The learners of the course on social and vocational integration can able to apply skills for rehabilitation. They can generate disability awareness and they can also do planning in the context of social and vocational integration.

The childcare professionals are needed to exhibit skills that are relevant to the area of rehabilitation and this is accomplished by using appropriate techniques, tools, and strategies. The course offers additional information about how to provide vocational and social integration for rehabilitation.

Understand the competence relevant to the rehabilitation area

The learners doing the course can exhibit a range of technical, professional, interpersonal, and communication skills in furnishing a wide range of services in the context of vocational and social rehabilitation. The learner of the course with course code 6M2218 can put to use the best practices as a professional functioning independently in various rehabilitation activities.

The professionals are also required to take upcharge of the management and allocation of resources, taking up responsibilities for the activities done by other professionals. The course also teaches the learners how to evaluate personal learning and how to support others in identifying learning requirements. 

Engage with other professionals and practice on a personal and professional level

If you are taking up the course then it may suggest that you are interested to take up a career in social and vocational integration. In this context, it is important to say that as a professional who is already working in social and vocational integration you require to engage with other professionals and then practice on a professional and a personal level.

More information about this is provided in the course content. As a learner of the course with course code 6M2218, you will be able to understand those subtleties. 

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If you are taking up the course with course code 6M2218 then you understand well that at the end of learning there will be a sort of assessment by a team of assessors and your skills, knowledge, and competence on the course content will be assessed.

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