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QQI Level 5N1781 School Age Childcare Assignment Sample Ireland 

This sample essay is all about the course school-age childcare which has a course code of 5N1781. The successful completion of this course helps the learners to know about the ways to put to use and assess school-age childcare programs in Ireland.

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This course is a distant learning one and is very much accredited by the QQI. The students can pursue this course right from their zone of comfort. On successful completion of the course, the students get accredited internationally with the SCHOOL AGE CHILDCARE (Level 5) awarded by QQI.

The students can also get access to comprehensive study materials, and efficient study guides, assessments as well one tutor support. This essay also highlights the various learning outcomes of studying the course.

Learning Outcomes of SCHOOL AGE CHILDCARE (5N1781)

In studying the course SCHOOL AGE CHILDCARE with course code 5N1781 the students get to know about many things. These are highlighted as follows:-

Focus on the features of a school-age childcare plan that are effective

There are several features and qualities of an effective school-age childcare plan and the course in context discusses the same with the help of this essay. Interpersonal interactions, program support structure, physical environments, quality professionals, good leadership, a curriculum that is appropriate with age, complete set of activities that involve kids’ families are important features that make a school-age child care program effective. 

Understanding the significance of program plans that include young people like kids

The school-age program plans are important for the young people and this is because these programs have the objective of promoting positive development, they help the kids in holistic development, and preparing the kids for their future by infusing their positive development. 

Acknowledging that participation in play or recreation is an important feature of childcare settings

By participating in child’s play the childcare professionals aid the kids to grow and learn. By doing so the childcare workers can build a good relationship with the kid, and help them to build themselves in the process. 

Detect ways and means to enrich or do home tasks in a multi-age ECCE setting

There are ways to detect the development of the brain at an early age for kids. This course provides an insight into the ways and means that you require adopting to enrich yourself mentally in an ECCE setting where there are many students of different age groups. 

Understanding the equipment, environment, and resources to suit various stages of development and ages

The environment plays an essential part in childhood development. Also, resources and equipment play a vital role in the round development of a kid. This essay highlights the nature of equipment, resources, and environment necessary for the growth of the kid at various stages of development. 

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Use strategies so that the service users can plan, implement and evaluate school-age childcare programs

Educators and childcare professionals often use strategies to figure out the school-age childcare programs that are best for a child. These strategies incorporate modeling, explaining, open-ended questioning, problem-solving and shared thinking.

Understanding a range of outdoor and indoor environments suited for a school-age setting

They children and kids must remain exposed to outdoor and indoor environments as this helps them grow and develop physically, mentally, and psychologically. The course in context helps to discuss these environments that are suited for a school-age setting. 

Put to use a range of activities that address recreational, developmental interest, and creative requirements of kids

Activities that assist kids to be creative and imaginative include storytelling, role-playing, dressing up, painting and modeling, and drawing. Such types of activities which are creative as well as recreational help the kids to develop socially.

Creative play helps the kids to develop confidence within themselves. Such activities help kids to be emotional and imaginative. Dramas and plays assist the preschool kid make sense of the world around him. Art and craft-related actions help the kids to become decision-makers and expressive.

This course allows the learners to know the ways to implement ways to make preschool kids creative, recreational, and developmental. 

Understanding the responsibilities while engaging with kids

While engaging with the kids and young people there are certain responsibilities that you need to have as childcare professional. You require being dependent and need to make good choices. You are also required to take accountability for your actions.

A responsible professional makes sure that the kids that are part of the school-age childcare program are in good health and that they are developing physically, mentally, socially, and psychologically. 


This section of the essay focuses on the assessments that the learners require to complete to receive the certification (Level 5) from QQI.  The learners require completing 2 assignments with 40% weightage. Besides, the learners require a complete learner record having 60% weightage.

Concerning the assignments, the learner is needed to do two activities, one outdoor and another indoor activity. The activities incorporate intellectual, physical, emotional, language, and social development. In the second assignment, the learner has to produce a plan for the school-age kid.

The assignment also involves the learner identifying the various aspects of home tasks in a multi-age setting. The learner also needs to produce learner records as part of the assessment.

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