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QQI Level Physiotherapy Assistant Theory Assignment Sample Ireland

In this sample essay, we discuss what physiotherapy is. We also discuss the philosophy of physiotherapy. This subject has certain objectives. Therefore we list the objectives of physiotherapy in our essay. We also discuss in brief how physiotherapy helps in rehabilitation in Ireland. We also highlight how a professional physiotherapist works, and the role of such professionals in a multi-disciplinary team.

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The sample essay also provides information about what the assistant physiotherapist does when he functions under the chartered physiotherapist. Besides, the essay also highlights the various tasks that are performed by the assistant physiotherapist. This essay also provides a useful insight into goal planning that is client-centered.

Various hospitals and nursing homes in Ireland hire the services of professional physiotherapists to help the patients needing physiotherapy treatments. There are several institutes in the country where the subject is taught, training is imparted to potential candidates so that they can become qualified professionals.

Philosophy of Physiotherapy

When we talk about physiotherapy we mean what physiotherapy is and what are its objectives. If a person is injured or suffering from an illness or disability and because of this there are inconsistencies in bodily movements and functions then the role of the trained physiotherapist becomes important.

Their physiotherapy helps to restore body functions and movements that are affected because of injury, disability, or illness. Physiotherapists (experts in physiotherapy) help the patients with exercise, movement, manual therapy, advice, and education. These professionals are ready to help people of all age groups. They help their patients to prevent disease, manage pain, and facilitate recovery. 

It is a degree-based healthcare profession that uses skills and knowledge to cure several conditions that include:-

  • Neuro-musculoskeletal
  • Neurological
  • Respiratory
  • Cardiovascular

Main Objectives of Physiotherapy

Physical therapy or physiotherapy has certain aims and objectives and they are listed as follows:-

Physiotherapy helps patients to 

  • Get rid of the pain
  • Prevent or recover from an injury
  • Improve ability to move
  • Avoid surgery or disability
  • Help patients balance while walking and avoid fall
  • Rehabilitate victims of stroke, injury, accident, or surgery
  • Helps to manage severe illnesses like diabetes, arthritis, heart diseases
  • Helps to control bladder and bowels
  • Assists in adapting to the use of artificial limbs
  • Helps females in their recovery after childbirth
  • Assists in learning to use devices like a cane or a walking device

Physiotherapy in Rehabilitation

If individuals have already suffered from critical conditions like accident, surgery, or stroke then they may have weak body parts or their body parts have become immobile because of the condition. Under such circumstances, the patients are rehabilitated in a healthcare center in Ireland and then they are administered physiotherapy sessions by professionals. By doing so regularly there are good chances for the patients to recover from the critical condition they are in. Professional physiotherapists help the patients to lead a normal life.

Specializations within Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a profession that demands patience and comprehensive ability on the part of professional physiotherapists. It is a profession that needs tact and diplomacy, interpersonal and organizational skills, ability to use computer software programs. The subject has several specializations and they are as follows:-

  • Respiratory physiotherapy 
  • Musculoskeletal 
  • Neurological physiotherapy
  • Pediatrics
  • Orthopedics
  • Ergonomics
  • Sports physiotherapy

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Settings of Working of the Physiotherapists

When we talk about the settings working of the physiotherapists then we imply the working conditions of the professional physiotherapist. The majority of the physiotherapists do their job within the hospital premises or the clinics. They are often needed to work under stress. Often they are required to handle heavy machines needed for fitness purposes. Sometimes, physiotherapists are required to lift patients who are not in a position to walk. Hence the physiotherapists need strength. 

Role of Physiotherapy in Multi-disciplinary Team

The multi-disciplinary teams have an objective to render quality healthcare services by organizing and co-coordinating the services. Such teams have the task to put together the skills and exercises of different professionals and then manage and plan healthcare in a coordinated fashion. In an MDT the physiotherapists need to comprehend and assess skills, do clinical reasoning, and rehabilitate patients upon requirement. Often physiotherapists are needed to do classes and group sessions. 

Physiotherapy Assistant Working under Chartered Physiotherapist

Chartered physiotherapy engages in manual therapy, massaging, mobilization, acupuncture, and electrotherapy. Sometimes physiotherapy assistants require to work under the guidance of chartered physiotherapists in hospitals, and nursing homes.

Tasks Performed by Physiotherapy Assistant

The physiotherapy assistant works along with the professional therapist and he trains and teaches patients to live well within limitations as far as mobility is concerned. The physiotherapy assistant works with the therapist to implement exercises or activities that are recommended for a particular treatment plan. 

Process of Client-Centered Objective Planning

The process of client-centered objective planning allows members from more than one profession to work in a coordinated manner with the customer, and his family with a common objective to help the customer to get the desired outcomes.

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