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Every student who wants to help and care for people should pursue Qqi Level care skills courses. Care Skill Qqi Level 5 is a third-level certified course by NFQ, National Framework of Qualification in Ireland. The course is well-designed to furnish the students with the required skills, competence, and knowledge so that they can provide efficient care. The course enables the students as learners to work efficiently in a safe plus hygienic environment in any healthcare setting.

Generally, the course focused on three major areas including care of the customer, how to use care skill equipment efficiently, and promoting assisting skills. The needs vary from client to client and often depend on age factors. While pursuing the course, I was supposed to work for an old-age care provider as well as a childcare provider. It was my responsibility to examine the needs and identify the group of people who needs personal care. Here, you will find out two examples based on my experience while providing care to the elderly and children with special needs.

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Example 1 on care skills assignment

Title: Experience of providing elderly care services

Old age is a receptive phase in which people require special care and comfort to live a healthy life without any anxiety or worry. As a healthcare assistant, it was a duty to identify the behavioral patterns in old aged people. I identified critical issues that affect the lives of elderly people and further create various psychological and physiological problems. All the stages of a human’s life have troubles, but old age is the most critical stage. Some of the medical issues that happen with the elderly that I studied:

  • High blood pressures
  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Tuberculosis
  • Heart failure issues
  • Kidney infections
  • Cancer malignancy
  • Joint pain

Not only such diseases, but several other issues affect the elderly. My mentor taught me negligence from the young generation is one of the major problems with which the elderly suffer. Moreover, I learned old aged people need support and supervision to perform their daily activities. Like us, elder people also desire to live a life with good health, dignity, respect, and economic independence. Understanding their concerns and needs helped me to provide the best care possible. From my experience, I can say that aging is a natural phenomenon, but providing care and attention that the elderly deserves can help in overcoming their cognitive challenges effectively.

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Example 2 on care skills assignment

Title: Experience of providing care to children with special needs

Providing care to children with individual needs was the best experience that I have ever gained. I got a chance to interact with them, understand more about their needs, relationships, and how to keep them safe. While providing care to them, I learned why their emotional, physical, and social well-being should be developed in a supportive and safe environment. The various aspects of health and well-being are closely related to each other as:

  • Emotional and mental needs: My mentor helped me while talking to children with special needs without facing any interaction. Soon, children started sharing with me about their whole day’s activities. Apart from it, I helped them to think about their choices and encouraged them to an effort to learn something new.
  • Social needs: While providing care to children, I found that they learn what they see others doing. Their behavior depends generally on the values they learn from their surroundings. It was my responsibility to create a positive environment for children, and I also encouraged them to be independent in their day-to-day activities.
  • Physical needs: It was quite difficult for children with special needs to take participate in different physical games. However, playing outdoor games is essential for their physical as well as mental health. With the help of the childcare providing team, I understood how to keep children physically healthy and safe.

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