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Human Growth & Development Course (QQI Level 5) Assignment Sample Ireland

This sample essay is all about the “Human Growth & Development Course” which helps learners to understand the various human development and behavior aspects starting from infancy to old age. It is an online course, offered by QQI and the learners can engage in studies on a part-time basis right from their respective homes.

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They don’t have to attend classes. Upon completion of the course, the learners receive the Level 5 certification from QQI. Students can study the course for 8 weeks. They can start studying the course at any time of the year.  This course helps the students to learn about human development and behavior from infancy to old age.

This module is apt for professionals who intend to work in the community or social care settings where there is a demand for an individual to get in touch with people at different levels of personal development. The course also helps the learner to understand the concepts of chronological age, and mental age so that they can associate with people as per their requirements.

Outcomes of learning the Human Growth & Development Course (QQI Level 5)

The learners of the course in context will be able to understand the following things:-

Comprehend human development from infancy to old age

There are different models for human development and the course highlights a few of them. The five stages of human development are 1) infant development, 2) toddler development, 3) preschool development,4) development in middle childhood, and 5) adult development. The course provides useful insight into the various issues that are associated with different stages of human development. 

Comprehend other aspects of development like developmental patterns from birth to old age

Human development has several patterns of development and this course highlights the same. However, it is important to understand the patterns of development. There are various stages of development like infancy, early childhood, middle childhood, late childhood, adolescence, early adulthood, mature adulthood, and old age, and these stages are marked by developmental patterns. This course helps the learners to identify the different patterns of development and in this way, the learners can know about the stage of development. 

Discover personal fears, prejudices, and anxieties about associating with people needing care

If you are learning the course Human Growth & Development for professional reasons then you know well that upon successful completion of the course you may want to apply for jobs in relevant jobs. As a professional, you require working with people who need care and support. At that point, you may have certain fears, prejudices, and anxieties at the personal level. This course allows you to understand those fears, prejudices, and anxieties that you may be having at the personal level and it also helps you to get solutions on how to overcome them. 

Acquiring interactive or interpersonal skills essential to cater to the requirements of others

If you are interested in serving people then it is a must for you to have good communication and interpersonal skills. It is because by the effective use of such skills you will be able to cater to the needs of others. This course on Human Growth & Development provides you with knowledge and skills and it suggests ways and means use the knowledge and skills so that you can help the needy. 

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Use knowledge and skills to solve typical problems based on childcare activities

The professionals associated with childcare activities need to use their knowledge and skills to find a solution to issues that are prevalent within a childcare environment. This course on Human Growth & Development provides useful insights to the learners on the ways and means to use skills and knowledge to solve issues based on childcare activities. 

Acquire empathy and self-confidence 

While serving in a childcare setting there are important tasks that a professional requires doing. Doing these tasks often require confidence. Also, the professionals have to be empathetic to be successful in their job. This essay on Human Growth & Development helps professionals to be empathetic and confident. 

Topics Covered in Human Growth & Development Assignment Sample

The course Human Growth & Development is big. There are several aspects within it. Following are the important topics that are part of the course:-

  • Unit 1 of the course is all about psychology and development in childhood.
  • Unit 2 of the course is all about psychology and adolescence.
  • Unit 3 of the course is all about psychology and adulthood.

Assessments in Human Growth & Development

After the completion of the course, the students are assessed by the assessors to understand the level of skills and knowledge they have gathered while attending the course Human Growth & Development. In this context, there are two parts by which the assessment is done the first part involves the students completing assignments and the weightage of this part is 60%. The second part of the assessment is theory-based and its weightage is 40%.  

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