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QQI Level 5 5N1558 Architectural Drawing Assignment  Example Ireland

Architectural Drawing is an important subject for students who want to pursue courses in civil engineering, architectural engineering, or disciplines where the knowledge of architecture is very much required.

This assignment sample discusses the course on Architectural Drawing. The objective of the course is to make the learners know about acquiring as well as utilizing various drawing skills related to architecture so that the learner can communicate concepts, notions, and details that are related to architecture.

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The assignment sample discusses the various outcomes of learning that a student gets to know upon completing the course.

Besides, the assignment sample also discusses general information on assessments, various criteria for assessments, and grading systems that are used for assessing and evaluating the students.

Architectural Drawing (5N1558 ) Level 5 Learning Outcomes

Irish students pursuing a course on Architectural Drawing get to know about various learning outcomes. These learning outcomes are discussed in this section of the assignment sample.

How to apply techniques of draughting?

The course on Architectural Drawing (5N1558) discusses using techniques of draughting. The various draughting techniques that are utilized in architectural studies are known to use architectural symbols and conventions.

Explore the world of architecture

The course on Architectural Drawing (5N1558) also assists the students and the learners to explore the world of architecture. The course helps to incorporate sketches that are done using a free hand which is useful from architectural perspectives. The course also helps to include other research evidence that is relevant in the context of architectural studies.

What is architectural detailing?

Architectural detailing is all about the principles that are utilized to design good architectural details. To make architectural design architects use architectural details that demonstrate how to put together a structure. The course on Architectural Drawing (5N1558) discusses architectural detailing on scaled drawings as well as freehand drawings so that the students and the learners can know about the subject.

Analysis of form and space in designs

In architecture, space and form are vital. Space refers to the volume in architecture. It refers to the parts of an architecture that can be experienced. However, space can be created using forms. In the context of this course on Architectural Drawing (5N1558) space is associated with forms and form can be created by grouping materials used for construction purposes.

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Construction of orthographic views

Orthographic views are relevant to modern architecture. Construction of orthographic views can be accomplished using standard scales and such construction uses both first as well as third angles. The course in context helps the students and learners to know how the construction of orthographic views can be done.

Experiment with 3-D architectural details

Before constructing a building or before undertaking any architectural project it is imperative to experiment using appropriate tools. Good architects are known to experiment using 3-D architectural details and they are known to use cutaway details. The course in context discusses the ways to experiment with 3-D architectural details.

How do communicate designs?

Communication in architecture is often visual, written, verbal and non-verbal. Communication involves communicating designs so that a project can be accomplished. In this context, it can be said that for communicating designs perspective views are employed. The course on Architectural Drawing (5N1558) helps the students and the learners to know about the ways to communicate designs in architecture.

Ways to use CAD in creating architectural designs

Computer Aide Draughting is a technology that is used in creating architectural designs by proficient architects. Software tools are available that help professional architects create attractive architectural designs. The course in this context helps the students to know about the various ways that can be used to create high-quality designs related to architecture.

Executing surveys

Surveys in architecture are important as the process helps the architect to complete a project properly. In the context of architecture, professional architects are required to complete external as well as internal surveys. The course on Architectural Drawing (5N1558) helps the students and the learners to know more about how to do architectural surveys.

Interpreting design briefs

Design briefs are important for any architectural project. Professional architects need to interpret design briefs. Such things can be done by understanding the objectives, engaging in architectural planning, and managing time. The course in this context helps the learners and students to comprehend the ways to interpret design briefs.

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General information on assessments

Students pursuing courses on Architectural Drawing (5N1558) are required to sit for assessments and evaluations. The assessments are conducted by assessors who are recognized by the QQI.

The objective of the assessment is to understand the level of knowledge and competence of the students, and learners pursuing the course in context. Often assessment plans are used by the assessors. These plans include data about the integration and scheduling of assessments.

The assessors accredited by the QQI are responsible for using assessment techniques like assignment briefs, project briefs, mark sheets, criteria for evaluation, exam papers, and all by the needs and requirements of QQI.

For assessment purposes, the students are required to submit project work (40% weightage) and portfolios or collections of work (60% weight ages). Successful students are awarded certifications accredited by QQI. They are awarded grades like pass, merit, and distinction based on their performance.

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