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QQI Level 5 Negotiation Skills Assignment Example Ireland

This assignment sample discusses the course on “Negotiation Skills” with course code 5N5326. The course aims to make the learners aware of the skills and knowledge to utilize negotiation skills in various types of environments to obtain mutually acceptable results. The successful completion of the course makes the learner eligible to receive awards (Minor) and grades.

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The assignment sample on the course Negotiation Skills (5N5326) also discusses the various outcomes of learning and it also discusses the evaluation practice and the techniques used in evaluating the students pursuing the course in context.

Negotiation Skills (5N5326) Level 5 Course Learning Outcomes

This section of the assignment sample discusses the various course learning outcomes in detail.

Explanation of the function and role of negotiation

Negotiation involves two or more two parties. In the process of negotiation, each party tries to persuade the other. In the process of negotiation, the parties try to reach a consensus. The course on Negotiation Skills (5N5326) explains the function as well as the role of negotiation in detail.

Various approaches to negotiations

The basic approaches to negotiation include win-lose, win-win, compromise, and lose-lose. The course in context also allows the learners and the students alike to evaluate the various approaches to negotiations.

How to prepare for a negotiation?

Two or more parties can prepare for negotiation by anticipating as well as preparing queries, prioritizing important negotiation problems, and setting up a range for negotiation. The course in context further explains the different ways to prepare for a negotiation.

How to perform a negotiation activity?

Negotiation between two or more parties needs steps. The steps involve the building of rapport, doing situation analysis from the other party’s perspective, using queries for negotiation skillfully, utilizing skills for listening, and understanding the body language of the other party involved in the negotiation process. The course in context (Negotiation Skills (5N5326)) helps to understand in detail the ways to perform a negotiation activity.

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Put a priority on the different types of available solutions

While negotiating the negotiators use 4 types of negotiation strategies and they include competing, yielding, solving problems, and compromising. There can be different types of solutions available solutions and the negotiator has to put a priority on the solution types.

The course in context discusses in depth the process by which the prioritization process is done. It also discusses in depth the advantages and disadvantages of the solutions available for the prioritization process.

Setting up of an opening position

Whenever two or more parties negotiate then they try to come to a consensus. There are different types of negotiation strategies that are used in this process. The negotiators are required to arrive at an opening position. This can be achieved by the negotiators by identifying the common grounds for negotiation. The course in context throws light on how to set up an opening position while negotiating.

Utilize effective styles of communication to simplify the negotiation process

The communication styles of the negotiators help them to negotiate effectively. There are different patterns or styles of communication as far as negotiation is concerned. Such styles of communication include collaborating, competing, accommodating, avoiding, and compromising.

The course in context helps the students and the learners alike to know how to utilize effective styles of communication to simplify the process of negotiation.

Setting out a proposition for resolution of an issue

To negotiate either of the negotiators is required to propose regard to resolving an issue. The other party participating in the negotiating process may or may not accept the proposition. If the other party exhibits non-acceptance of the proposition then the process of negotiation on a matter continues. The course in context (Negotiation Skills (5N5326)) helps the students or learners to understand the methods by which a proposition for a resolution can be set up.

Reaching agreements

Negotiation between two or more parties is done to reach a consensus on an issue. Reaching consensus on an issue or agreement depends on many factors. It depends on the strategies used for negotiation, it depends on the communication skills that are demonstrated by the parties involved in the negotiation process and there are other factors as well.

The course in context discusses the various factors that are responsible for reaching a consensus and it discusses the methods by which the negotiators can reach agreements in a negotiation process.

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How to close a negotiation process?

A negotiation process has to be closed properly. The negotiators require summarizing the points that are discussed in the negotiation. They require making commitments to one another about future discussions or actions. The course in context discusses the various methods by which negotiations can be closed.

Evaluation criteria and techniques

Students who appear for assessments or evaluations concerning the course on Negotiation Skills (5N5326) require knowing about the evaluation criteria and the techniques that are used for evaluation. There are assessors accredited by the QQI who participate in evaluating the students. They use plans for assessments that contain critical detail about the schedules for evaluation.

Besides, the assessors approved by the QQI use various techniques of evaluation and these techniques include the use of question papers, project documents, and guidelines, mark sheets, assessment criteria.

The students participating in the evaluation process are required to submit skill demonstrations (60%), assignments (20%), and learner records (20%). Upon successful completion of the assignments and projects meant for evaluation purposes, the students are awarded certifications (Minor) and grades based on their performance.

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