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What is your Research area : Applied Project Thesis, ICD, Ireland

University Independent Colleges Dublin (ICD)
Subject Applied Project

QS 1 What is your Research area? What are you Doing?

A short narrative about the area that you wish to focus on and why it is of interest to you           

QS 2 Who are you going to talk to?           

Who is the sample? What contributions they will make Why are you talking to these particular people? Again the method of the research instrument you use is important to mention here.

QS 3 Why are you doing it? What are the key aims ( what is the applied nature and what is the benefit for someone reading it, what is the point? example: I am looking at motivation to enable companies to develop the best approach to motivating employees in a small FMCG company

What is the expected outcome at this stage? This should be as comprehensive as you can make it. It will help you in ascertaining whether you have a valid research question or not. What are you hoping to  discover, add value to, look at from a different perspective, etc

QS 4 Research question Can you define a question?

Try and spend a bit of time on this. It may change over the course of your project but the overall aims and areas of interest should not change.

QS 5 Define 5 Themes the key Research objectives          

These are the themes, these are 5 distinct areas of investigation that require a minimum of 5 pieces of distinct literature reviews on the subject.

This forms the basis of your questions and topics that you will further explore both in the primary and secondary research.

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