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Imagine you are starting a new (fictional) business in the entertainment sector in Dublin. It could be a cinema: Management Assignment, ICD, Ireland

University Independent Colleges Dublin (ICD)
Subject Management Assignment

Assessment requirements:

Imagine you are starting a new (fictional) business in the entertainment sector in Dublin. It could be a cinema, a café, an art gallery, a river boat trip company, etc. You are going to open your business on 1 April 2024.

Your business will have 10 or more employees. The following are nine questions for you to answer about your business, divided into three broad task areas (A, B, and C). Please only answer the nine questions asked. No additional introduction and no summary should be included.

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1. What is the name of your business?
2. In one very short sentence explain which products and/or services you will provide.
3. In one very short sentence say who your ideal customers are and where they can buy
(online/app and/or a street address in Dublin and or at which retailers).

4. Organising: Explain how you would like your employees to spend their time, whilst producing your product/service and what the main processes of your company are which they follow.
Include your company organogram in your answer.

5. Planning: Explain the most important parts of your plan is for the first 12 months of your
business, including your specific goals for the employees in the key part of your business.

6. Controlling: Explain how you will control the company’s employee’s progress towards your
business goals, each day, week and month.

7. Leadership: Explain the practices of leadership and staff motivation you plan to adopt.

8. Identify and explain the two new possible developments in your business’ external
environment, which haven’t happened yet, but which could have great impact on your business if they happened, and how. The more specific you are about these possible
developments the better.

9. Imagine both of these developments happened. Explain what you think could be the greatest challenges you will face in leading and motivating your staff to keep the company going and succeeding in the face of these developments.

Module Learning Outcomes, which the above tasks relate to are:
i. Demonstrate knowledge of the function, role, and activities of Management
ii. Assess the importance of Organisational Development
iii. Show how the role of Management is changing in today’s world.

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