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During the semester, you learned about the development of BICICLETA Ltd, a company that has been transformed: Management in Practice Assignment, ICD, Ireland

University Independent Colleges Dublin (ICD)
Subject Management in Practice

Question 1

During the semester, you learned about the development of BICICLETA Ltd, a company that has been transformed from a small bicycle shop into a company with 57 employees producing highly valued bicycles. Outline the managerial challenges of such a transformation.

Question 2

Discuss four external drivers of change, which impact the effectiveness of BICICLETA Ltd. In your answer, identify which of those drivers may force the company to make major strategic changes and what the nature of those changes might be.

Question 3

Imagine you are the operations manager of a company like BICICLETA Ltd.

  • Outline the key steps and elements of an effective control process you would put in place including how you will measure performance.
  • What kind of actions might need to be taken if there is a small or large difference between performance and the KPIs?

Question 4

Planning is a management function that involves setting goals, establishing strategies for achieving those goals, and developing plans to integrate and coordinate work activities. Discuss how managers can plan effectively in dynamic environments.

Question 5

Sparrow and Hiltrop suggest that performance management is a strategic management technique that links business objectives and strategies to individual goals, actions, performance appraisal, and rewards through a defined process. As a consultant, you are asked to analyze characteristics of good and poor performance systems that could be discovered in a company like BICICLETA Ltd.

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