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Why are you doing it and What are the key aims what is the applied nature and what is the benefit: Business Studies Assignment, ICD, Ireland

University Independent Colleges Dublin (ICD)
Subject Business Studies

1 What is your Research area. What are you doing?

2 Who are you going to talk to?           

3 Why are you doing it? What are the key aims what is the applied nature and what is the benefit for someone reading it, what is the point? example: I am looking at motivation to enable companies to develop the best approach to motivating employees in a small FMCG company

6. Research question Can you define a question?

5. Define 5 Themes and the key Research objectives

A comprehensive review of the literature related to your project area which places your work in the broader body of knowledge wordlist review written with attached bibliography according to the template discussed in class

you have enough authors which are around 5 authors per theme and 5 themes equalling 25 authors in total. ( you could develop 4 or 7 themes depending on the subject ) ( also you may use the same authors or papers for different themes, as they are usually interrelated but you MUST ensure you have a good cross-section of papers and literature.

Ensure you use peer-related journals as much as possible so in order of preference

The best references are peer-reviewed articles books and Government Publications. 2. After that comes trade journals and newspaper articles.

Try and avoid opinion bloggers and random websites since these almost have no credibility so will not aid your literature review

Ensure you do not reference aggregators like Statista, you need to reference the original source in the bibliography and in the report,

  1. What databases to use? Peer related Journals on Ebsco, Google Scholar,Z library, Base Belfield Core, etc, Theses Repositories available through the library
  2. look to the common turn it in errors discussed in class and don’t replicate them, Use Harvard referencing, don’t use too much text in a quote, 10 – 20 word quote max and pages numbers given. In general, paraphrase where you can and provide short quotes to add weight to the literature review.
  3. Ensure to include a comprehensive bibliography at the end of the Literature review. This is essential and should comprise the authors discussed in the Literature Review.

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