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Social Needs of an Elderly Blind Person Essay Ireland

This essay throws light on the various social requirements (needs) for elderly people with blindness. Blindness can be caused because of diseases or it can be a consequence of accidents. Few people are blind and can afford eye surgery to restore vision.

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Such surgeries involve costs that everybody can’t afford. Blindness is a common phenomenon among the elderly in Ireland as also in other parts of the world. With age there occurs macular degeneration and this results in damage to the retinal central portion.

Besides, other causes of blindness in the aged population in Ireland are cataracts and glaucoma. Elder people suffering from blindness require information from time to time and they require transport services and education services.

People with partial blindness try their best for enablement and they try to make use of their residual sight to gain independence and empowerment. This essay helps the readers to know how the social requirements of an elderly person in Ireland can be fulfilled.

Understanding the social requirements for an elderly person

This section of the essay provides insights into the various social needs & issues to be aware of when caring for a blind elderly person and how they are taken care of.

Because of blindness an elderly person tilts or squints their head while trying to focus, they bump into things or knock over objects, they avoid day-to-day vision-based activities like writing and reading, missing out on objects while reaching out to them, walking, or falling hesitantly.

In this context, certain products and tips serve as a good way to help Irish seniors who are blind. These products and tips are the requirements that elderly blind people in Ireland need so that they lead a safe and easy life.

1. There should be adequate lighting in the Elderly House

To help the elderly blind it is important to have an environment that is adequately illuminated. There should be the use of bulbs or lamps to reduce glare and enhance contrast.

Such practice helps the blind elderly with low vision to engage in activities like playing cards, reading, or crafting. It is also necessary to keep the lights switched on during the daytime to equalize lighting from both outdoor and indoor sources.

2. Make sure that the fall risks are minimized for the blind and the elderly

It is important to utilize night lamps in hallways, bedrooms, and bathrooms so that the risk of falling and tripping at night can be prevented. The members of the family must make sure that hazards are removed, and clutters are got rid of for the safe movement of the elderly blind.

The family members of the elderly blind must make sure that difficult view furniture items are relocated and replaced thereby creating clear, wide, and level walking paths for safe and easy navigation of the elderly blind. It is good to hire a nurse or attendant who can assist the elderly in moving from one place to another.

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3. Use visual and tactile systems to help blind elderly to navigate easily

Visual and tactile systems can be used so that the blind elderly can navigate conveniently. In this context, it is important to understand that tactile systems are useful for those who have limited or suffering from complete blindness.

4. Use colors that are contrasting

The use of dark and light colors can help those who are partially blind. Similar colors can make it hard for individuals with blindness to detect stairs, doorways, smaller objects as well as furniture items that mix up with the surroundings.

The family members of the aged blind should help them to select towels, bath mats, and washcloths that are in contrast with the flooring, tubs, and counters.

5. Use magnifiers whenever required

The members of the family of a partially blind person should be encouraged to use magnifiers. There are electronic magnification units that can be gifted to the elderly and partially blind people to write checks, read bills and books, look for photos, and finish up intricate tasks.

The different electronic magnifiers are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They are ideally suited for seniors who are very much technologically savvy.

6. Contact the eye specialists if the elderly are partially blind

The family members or nurses or attendants must help the elderly blind to visit the eye specialist. Such acts are helpful if the elderly are partially blind. The eye specialists are there to address the needs of visually impaired individuals.

These eye specialists know well about the resources that can help their clients (elderly blind) to lead an easy and convenient life.

7. Providing moral support to the elderly blind person

Yet another social need that one can provide to an elderly blind person is moral support. Blind persons should be encouraged to lead an active life with their friends.

They need to be encouraged to pursue hobbies and enjoy pastimes. It is also important to encourage elderly blind persons to be communicative. Often seniors have the feeling that their being blind adversely affects their independence.

One requires providing the elderly blind with all the resources that allow them to live an independent and empowered life. The objective of providing moral support to the elderly blind person is to instill in them confidence.

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