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QQI Level 5 Maternity Care Support 5N3746 Assignment Example Ireland

The assignment example discusses the course maternity care support and this is a level 5 course with an award type of minor. The course code is 5N3746 and the credit value of the course is 15. Upon successful completion of the course, the students or the learners are awarded a certificate from QQI.

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The learners of the course learn it to equip the learners, students with skills, competencies, and knowledge in caring for babies, mothers as well as family units. The assignment example on the course Maternity Care Support offers the learners several outcomes for learning.

Besides, the assignment example also discusses assessment as well as assessment techniques.

Maternity Care Support (5N3746) level 5 course learning outcomes

If you are pursuing a course on maternity care support accredited by QQI in Ireland then you understand the following learning outcomes:-

Discussing the maternity care philosophy

This course discusses in depth the philosophies of maternity care. The maternity care philosophy has the objective to respect women, it has a belief in women’s work value, rearing and bearing each generation, treating women suffering from pregnancy with care, early parenting, and childbirth.

How do maternity care components augment the experience of babies, mothers, and families?

This course also discusses in-depth how the various components of maternity care enhance the experiences of babies, mothers as well as the family. These components incorporate care for the individuals, non-judgmental attitudes, effective communications, and consistent information.

Understanding the emotional, physical, and social requirements of the mother during the maternity phase

The mothers who are experiencing maternity issues require emotional, physical as well as social needs during the maternity phase. The different maternity phases in this context are intra partum, antepartum, and postpartum periods.

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Understanding breastfeeding benefits

There are various benefits of breastfeeding and these are discussed in detail in the course Maternity Care Support (5N3746). The following are important benefits of breastfeeding:-

  • Low risks of cancers in the breast
  • Low risks of lupus and rheumatoid arthritis
  • Low risks of cancers in the ovaries
  • Less endometriosis
  • Less diabetes
  • Less osteoporosis with aging
  • Less disease in the cardiovascular system
  • Less hypertension and lowering of the blood pressure

Significance of infection prevention and maternity setting controls

The course also helps the learners and students alike to comprehend the importance of infection prevention and maternity setting controls. The mothers who receive maternity care and support need infection prevention as by that process they will be able to deliver healthy babies and at the same time keep themselves healthy.

Understanding the family requirements when a baby is suffering from congenital issues

Babies may suffer from health issues right after they are born. They may suffer from congenital problems. The course helps the students and the learners to understand the family requirements whenever a baby is suffering from congenital problems.

Describing the sorrow for the mothers adversely affected by stillbirth, miscarriage, maternal death, and neonatal death

The course in context also describes the sorrow for those mothers who are suffering from stillbirth, miscarriage, neonatal death, or maternal death. In this way, the learners can know how to communicate with the mothers during the period of grief.

Understanding the impact of legislation, WHO programs on maternal care

Maternity care in various hospitals and clinics in Ireland abides by a set of rules and regulations. The course helps the learners to comprehend the various impacts of the legislation, it helps to understand the impact of WHO programs on maternal care.

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Find out the security and safety methods in providing maternity care

The course Maternity Care Support (5N3746) finds out the security and safety methods in offering maternity care to mothers. These security and safety methods incorporate checking of identity tags, functioning of safety, and security systems to make sure that the babies are safe.

Provide mothers with assistance so that they can care for their babies as well as themselves

The course helps to assist the mothers so that they can care for the babies as well as themselves. The assistance and support services to the mothers incorporate the mother’s comfort and hygiene, positioning, baby hygiene, feeding, and handling.

Showcase a wide range of skills that are related to maternity care

This course on Maternity Care Support (5N3746) also showcases a diverse range of skills that are related to maternity care. These skills incorporate preparation of trolleys, clinical areas, infant and maternal care, methods, and help provided to clinical staff while conducting a physical examination, testing, measuring, recording urine, and reporting alterations in babies and mothers.

Provide care and cleaning services for maternity care services

The course in this context helps the students, and learners to understand the tips to provide care as well as cleaning services for various maternity care services. The maternity care services include cleaning cots, beds, mattresses, incubators, bedpans, theatre equipment, and feeding equipment.

Maintain the level of stocks of various maternity stores and equipment

The course in this context also helps the learners and students to maintain the stock levels of various maternity equipments and stores. This is important to carry out maternity care services daily.

Furnishing responses to emergencies that are experienced by baby or mother

The course also provides appropriate emergency responses to situations that are experienced by the baby or mother. This incorporates patient positioning and reporting.

Put to use terminology that is used for providing maternity care services

This course also helps the students and learners to comprehend the various terminologies that are used for furnishing maternity care services.

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The students pursuing the course Maternity Care Support (5N3746) accredited by QQI are required to participate in assessments for the sake of evaluating their knowledge and understanding of the course.

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