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Critique of a Toy Assignment Sample in Ireland

There are course modules on Early Childhood Education in Ireland. Such modules assist the students and the learners to probe into the potential and purpose of play activities during the development of kids in the age group of 0-6 years.

The course also promotes good practices and it promotes equal opportunities as also respect for lifestyle diversities, culture, and religion in the early years of an individual’s life.

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moreover, this course has a set of learning outcomes and they include an understanding of the stages and types of play in the development of a kid, understanding the sort of play, and kid development activities.

The course in context also helps the learners to discover the advantages of play for kids, and implement, plan and evaluate various types of play activities that are proper for several stages of a kid’s development.

The course also highlights the function of Irish childcare professionals while dealing with kids. In this context, it is important to know that the course has 3 units. They are

1. comprehending play,

2. knowing the play activities,

3.  toys and play equipment.

This assignment sample discusses the specific learning outcomes of unit 3 of this course. It also discusses assessment portfolios and skill demonstration and grading.

Learning outcomes of Unit 3 (games and toys equipment)

In this section of the assignment sample, the students and the learners can able to know the various learning outcomes associated with Unit 3 of the course on Early Childhood Education in Ireland (games and toys assignments).

Identify the play equipment and materials that kids aged 0-6 years can use

Usually, kids who are aged 0-6 years play with equipment like puppets, wooden puzzles, and clothes for dressing up, chalkboards, chalks, transportation toys, blocks, and picture books. To know more about the play equipment and materials that kids aged 0-6 years use read the course on Early Childhood Education in Ireland in full.

Understand how equipment and play materials help in kid’s development

Whenever we talk about a kid’s development then we imply a kid’s cognitive, physical, emotional, social, and language development. The toys that the kids handle help in developing skills for solving problems, and they teach the kids about resolving conflicts.

Such toys also teach the kids the functioning of cause and effect. Besides, the toys assist in teaching kids about sharing, and in developing motor skills that make kids imaginative and creative.

The course in context helps the students and learners to know more in this regard.

Evaluate the value of a game, toy, and play equipment

The course on Early Childhood Education in Ireland helps in evaluating the value of games, toys, and play equipment. It further demonstrates how storing and displaying a variety of equipment and play materials is done.

The toys that kids utilize need to have a play value. It is the number of playful activities that a kid can do with a specific toy.

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What are the uses of interest tables or display tables as a tool for learning?

The interest tables or display tables has more than one uses as a tool for learning. This play equipment helps the students track the things that they have learned. These tools of learning also help the students in making connections and developing coherency between tasks, notions, and lessons. The course on Early Childhood Education in Ireland helps to know more about the functionalities associated with interest tables and display tables that are used as tools for learning.

What are the books that the kids (0-6 years) can use?

Many books are available for Irish kids (0-6 years) for cognitive development. Then some books are available for learning the alphabet. The course in context provides further information on the good books that the kids can use.

Resources and play materials that can assist storybooks, rhyme books

The course on Early Childhood Development in Ireland also provides information on the resources and play materials that can assist storybooks, and rhyme books. Sometimes chalkboards and chalks, picture books, and blocks are used as play materials for imparting knowledge to the Irish kids.


The students pursue courses like Early Childhood Development in Ireland and at the end of the course the assessors who are approved by the QQI test the skills and knowledge of the students or learners. Based on the assessments the students are given grades and certifications.

In this context, it is relevant to add that the assessments are done according to the regulations that are set by FETAC. The students are required to do assignments (60% weightage) and they are required to do skill demonstrations (40% weightage).

The students who have completed the course in context are eligible to get grades (pass/merit/distinction) and certifications that are approved by QQI.

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