How to Write a Final Year Project (FYP)

This article discusses the ways and means to write a final year project. In many Irish academic institutions, the students are required to complete academic assignments and for that, they are required to conduct research work,  and complete academic projects within deadlines.

This article discusses the supervisor’s work, it discusses the proposal for academic research, it discusses the standards for doing research, the formats that are used for doing research, this article discusses the content of the research work.

The content of the research work is made up of many chapters. The article discusses the chapters. It discusses how to complete an academic research project. Overall the article discusses how to finish a final year project.

What is the format for doing academic research work?

The students participating in the academic research project are required to submit project proposals to the supervisors. The supervisors accept such proposals and approve them, provide necessary guidance to the students and evaluate the research work the students.

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Sometimes an external supervisor provides an independent evaluation of the research activities. There is a proper format for doing the final year project work and this section of the blog discusses the same in brief.

The final year project work is required to comprise the following sections:-

Title page

This section features the title of the final year project. The institution name, author name, reasons for the report, and date are all added in this section.

Approval page

In this section, the department name, institution name, and proof of approval of the project by the supervisor is mentioned. This page also highlights the names of the supervisors, HOD.


This section of the project is where the researcher dedicates the project work to a person (someone dead/alive). This section is very different from the acknowledgment page.


In this section, the researcher acknowledges the contribution (financial, technical, moral) to the success of the research.


In this section of the research work, the researcher gives a synopsis of the project work. The abstract is usually written in 100 words mentioning the problem statements, methods used to do the research work, recommendations, and conclusions.

Table of contents

This section of the project work contains the main headings along with subheadings and page numbers. The objective of this section is to make sure that the researchers can navigate easily throughout the project.

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List of figures/tables/symbols

This list is included in the project and it facilitates the readers to locate figures/tables/symbols in the project.

Work (from chapter 1 to chapter 5)

Chapter 1 is the introduction and it contains the scope, background as well as purpose of the research work. A proper introduction should summarize the essential points that are included in the research work. The rest of the research work that is described in the subsequent chapters should be tied to this section. This section must also disclose the constraints, objectives as well as limitations.

Chapter 2 is the literature review (theoretical). For those who are unaware of the literature review, it is mainly a survey of sources of academics based on a project topic. This section helps your readers to understand that you have a solid grasp of the subject matter of the research project.

This section must include critical discussions and it shows an understanding of different arguments, approaches, and theories. To perform a literature review you need to collect, evaluate and analyze publications that are associated with the topic of research.

There are five important steps to pen down a literature review and these include searching for the pertinent literature, assessing sources, identification of debates, themes, and gaps, outlining the structure, and finally writing the literature review. A proper literature review synthesizes, analyzes, and critically assesses to provide a clear picture of the project topic instead of simply summarizing the sources.

Chapter 3 is the methodology of research and the researcher has to mention the methodology of research that is used. This section also mentions the instruments that are utilized for doing the research work. In this chapter, the students also provide information on how to collect data for research.

In this chapter, the researcher tells the readers the various methods of research, the strategies, and procedures of research, area of research. This section of the final year project should be written in simple words. The objective of this chapter is to provide adequate materials so that an experienced investigator can understand as well as replicate the work of research. This chapter must start with a paragraph highlighting the objective of the study.

Chapter 4 is usually the section of the final year project where analysis and data presentation are provided. The objective of this chapter is to summarize the data that has been collected and it also discusses the statistical treatments as the mechanics of analysis.

Chapter 5 provides a summary of the research findings and provides information about the limitations and it provides information about study recommendations. In this chapter, the researcher can include conclusions as well as recommendations.


After completing the 5 chapters it is important for the researchers working on final year projects to provide information about references/appendices. The researchers usually use the APA/MLA/Chicago formatting styles while doing final year projects.

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