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PSY10090 Introduction to Applied Psychology UCD Assignment Sample Ireland

PSY10090 Introduction to Applied Psychology is one of the wide-ranging, popular social psychology modules at the University College Dublin. It covers a broad spectrum of psychological topics that are relevant to real-life applications.

The course aim is to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of various topics in social psychology, including human cognition and perception; group processes and behavior; social Influence; attitudes and persuasion; the relationship between thoughts, feelings, and behavior; altruism, aggression and helping behaviors; why people conform and why they obey authority figures.

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PSY10090 is an interactive module that uses a variety of teaching methods such as lectures, tutorials, practical activities, and group work. Course assessments include exams, essays, oral presentations, and a group project.

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In this module, we are describing some briefs. These are:

Assignment Brief 1: Describe and evaluate the application of psychological knowledge to specific issues.

Psychology is widely recognized as having tremendous potential to help people address a wide variety of issues in their lives. Applications of psychology can be found in nearly every arena, from enhancing productivity in the workplace to treating mental health issues.

There are countless examples of how psychological knowledge has been used to improve people’s lives. For example, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is a research-supported form of therapy that has been shown to be effective in treating depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders. Similarly, numerous studies have shown that counseling can help people improve their relationships and make better decisions in their lives. Additionally, organizational psychologists have Applied psychological principles to increase worker productivity and satisfaction while also reducing stress levels in the workplace.

Clearly, psychology has much to offer in terms of its potential to improve people’s lives. However, it is important to remember that psychological knowledge is constantly evolving, and what is known today may be different tomorrow. Thus, it is important to keep up with the latest research in order to ensure that you are using the most current and effective psychological techniques.

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Assignment Brief 2: Identify the strengths and limitations of research in applied psychology.

Applied psychology is the use of psychological principles to solve real-world problems. It dabbles in many different fields, such as education, health, work productivity, and more. Applied psychologists use scientific methods to study human behavior and design solutions to address psychological issues.

There are many strengths to research in applied psychology. One strength is that it can be used to directly improve people’s lives. For example, research in this field can be used to develop educational programs that better meet the needs of students or create workplace policies that increase employee productivity. Additionally, applied psychological research often explores real-world problems that people face in their everyday lives, which gives it a high degree of practicality and relevance.

There are also some limitations to research in applied psychology. One such limitation is that, because it is focused on solving real-world problems, it can be difficult to control all of the variables at play. This can make it difficult to draw definitive conclusions from applied psychological research. Additionally, because it relies heavily on statistical analysis, applied psychology research can sometimes be difficult to understand for those without a background in statistics.

Despite its limitations, research in applied psychology is vitally important. It provides a way to directly improve people’s lives by addressing real-world problems. Additionally, it has the potential to provide insights into human behavior that could not be gained through other methods of research.

Assignment Brief 3: Critique research as it is presented in the popular media.

It is important to critically analyze research as it is presented in the popular media, as often times the way in which a study is reported does not reflect its actual findings.

For example, a recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that people who ate nuts daily were 20% less likely to die from any cause over a 30-year period than those who didn’t eat nuts. However, this study was reported by many news outlets as “Eating Nuts May Help You Live Longer”. This title gives the impression that eating nuts will directly lead to a longer life, when in fact the study found only an association between nut consumption and lower mortality rates.

It is also important to note that research presented in the media is often cherry-picked to fit a particular narrative. For example, a study may find that people who consume more sugar are more likely to be obese. However, the media may only report on the findings related to sugar consumption, without mentioning other important factors, such as exercise levels or genetic predisposition to obesity. This can lead to a biased and incomplete understanding of the research.

In order to critically analyze research as it is presented in the media, it is important to:

  • Read beyond the headline: oftentimes, the headline of an article does not reflect the actual findings of the study
  • Look for other perspectives: try to find articles that present different interpretations of the same study
  • Consider the source: some media outlets are more reliable than others when it comes to reporting on scientific research accurately and objectively.
  • Talk to an expert: if you are unsure about the validity of a study, speak to someone with expertise in the field to get their opinion.

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