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QQI Level 5 Peer Mentoring Assignment Example Ireland

This assignment sample describes the course 5N3777 Peer Mentoring which has the objective of educating the students with skills and competencies to deliver, design, and assess as also review focused peer mentoring programs. The assignment sample discusses various outcomes of learning.

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It discusses general information on assessments and also discusses the various techniques of assessments that are used in practice to evaluate the students. Successful students upon completing the course get awards (minor) by the QQI. They also receive grades based on their scores in the assessments.

5N3777 Peer Mentoring Level 5 Course Learning Outcomes

The assignment sample on the course on 5N3777 Peer Mentoring also discusses the various outcomes of learning which are mentioned as follows:-

Theoretical concepts of mentoring styles and models

There are many theories on mentoring and they include the ZPD theory, Briggs PPP model as well as the GROW model. The different mentoring models include the mentoring committee or panel, group mentoring, one-one mentoring, mosaic mentoring, functional mentoring, and peer mentoring. The theoretical concepts of mentoring styles and models are elaborated in the course in context.

Important theories behind group dynamics

There are almost 5 stages of development in groups (1. forming, 2. storming, 3. norming, 4. performing 5. adjourning). The group members address many issues during these stages and how the issues are fixed determines the success of the group. The course on 5N3777 Peer mentoring discusses the important theories behind group dynamics in detail.

Skills used for good mentoring

The mentor needs to create a supportive and open climate for discussion, participate in 2-way communications, share personal experiences often, demonstrate good follow-up or listening skills, and furnish constructive advice and feedback. The course in context further elaborates on the skills that are used for mentoring.

What are the good practices concerning issues?

Good practices concerning issues include cultural diversity and equality, and effective boundaries of the workplace. The course on 5N3777 Peer mentoring discusses the various good practices about issues.

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What are the important stages associated with the planning process for mentoring?

The course in context also discusses the important stages that are associated with the planning process for mentoring. The stages include doing need analysis, objectives, and aims, plans and strategies, and methods of reviews.

How to design a mentoring program (short term)?

The students or learners pursuing the course on 5N3777 Peer Mentoring can also know about the steps to design a mentoring program (short term). This includes outlining the objectives and aims, doing a plan for delivery, the process for reflection and evaluation, developing various materials for support, and peer feedback.

How to deliver a mentoring session?

The mentors that are part of a mentoring program need to know how to interact with others, they are required to be good listeners and if required they are needed to share their personal experiences. The course in context discusses the ways and means by which a mentoring session can be delivered. It highlights the need for the mentor to provide motivation and support to others who are part of the mentorship program.

Display good skills in communication

The mentors who are part of a mentorship program are required to exhibit good communication skills. They are expected to provide as well as receive feedback during the mentorship program. The course in context discusses all these things in detail for the sake of the learners pursuing the course.

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Reflect while doing specific mentoring sessions

The mentors who are part of mentoring sessions are required to critically reflect and by doing so they are expected to lay out the challenges that they face while mentoring and they are also expected to lay out the various positive aspects relating to their mentoring experience. The course on 5N3777 Peer Mentoring discusses all these things for the sake of the students learning them.

Assess self concerning a mentoring style

The students and learners of the course context also get to know about how to do self-assessments concerning any style of mentoring. The course helps the learners to know their challenges and strengths while mentoring others.

Information and techniques of assessments (5N3777 Peer Mentoring)

Students who are learning the course on 5N3777 Peer mentoring have to sit for assessments after the course curriculum. The objective of the assessments is to test the skills, knowledge of the students and based on such tests and award the students certifications (Minor) or grades (pass/merit/distinction).

Assessors who are approved by QQI are there to conduct assessment programs. These professionals use various assessment plans and techniques assessments to assess the students.

The assessors use question papers, they use mark sheets and project guidelines, and various assessment criteria as well as other instruments that are by QQI rules and regulations. The students participating in the course on 5N3777 Peer Mentoring are required to do assignments (40%) and learner records (60%).

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