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QQI Level Health & Safety at Nursing Workplace Ireland Assignment Sample

People in Ireland are health conscious. That is why the administration here makes sure that there is adequate healthcare infrastructure to cater to the needs and requirements of the people. There are adequate healthcare professionals in the hospitals including doctors and nurses. The administration in hospitals and nursing homes and other health care centers in the country makes sure that there are health and safety features available for nurses in the workplace.

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This is because medical professionals often remain exposed to various health as well as safety challenges and so it is very essential to create an environment of safety within the workplaces where medical professionals render their services. Better health and safety environment for the nurses and other medical professionals in Ireland automatically creates a team that performs duty with involvement, professionalism, transparency, efficiency, and accountability. 

What are the Challenges for Healthcare Industry in Ireland?

In Ireland healthcare industry is growing at a rapid pace. The various hospitals and nursing homes in Ireland have a good strength of healthcare professionals including nurses. In this context, it is relevant to add that the various health care professionals in Ireland remain exposed to job hazards. The common job hazards include violence at the workplace. The challenge for the healthcare industry is to overcome the hazards in the workplace. 

In Ireland, it has been reported that nursing jobs in the health care sector are dangerous as such jobs are often associated with violence at the workplace. In 2020 there are several reports of work-related injuries and illnesses in hospitals in Ireland. In the same year, there are several reports of emergency nurses being subjected to physical abuse and violence in Ireland. It is understood that almost 97.8% of cases are those where patients were to blame for the violence. The issue is more critical for mental-health nurses. 

Apart from violence nurses in the healthcare sector in Ireland suffer from injuries associated with overexertion, falling, hitting something, and illnesses. The illnesses are often due to back pain, infectious diseases, and allergy-causing substances. Though it is a scary account of the healthcare sector in Ireland the good thing is that such hazards at the workplaces in Ireland can now be prevented. Following are the tips that are useful to ensure that there is safety and security in the workplace for the nurses in Ireland. 

1. Handle Sharp Objects with Care

In 2020 alone there were more than 385,000 cases where healthcare professionals like nurses suffered injuries caused because of sharp objects.  Infected needles and other sharp objects are hazards in the workplace and healthcare professionals are more vulnerable to sharp objects.

It is therefore recommended for the nurses and other medical professionals in Ireland to use safe needles within hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare centers. The government in Ireland in recent times has made it a law for various medical organizations to use needles that have safety caps. It is also mandatory in public as well as private hospitals within the country to use masks, gloves gowns, and eye protection kits to prevent injuries. Besides, the healthcare professionals like nurses in Ireland maintain a logbook where they maintain records of sharp injuries and the steps that they have taken to prevent such injuries at the workplace.

If the medical centers and hospitals within Ireland fail to use safety precautions as mentioned by the federal law then one can discuss the same with the law enforcement agency. Besides, there are guidelines in place which make it mandatory for the nurses to be extra cautious while drawing blood from patients who are suffering from infectious diseases. Reports suggest that the reports of medical injuries remain high for nurses who are working two shifts or who are working at the end of any shift or if there is inadequate staffing.

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2. Use Gloves to Prevent Latex Allergy

Yet another health hazard for nurses in Ireland is latex allergy. To avoid such hazards it is recommended to use latex gloves while providing nursing care to patients. The latex gloves are so designed that they can prevent the nurses to come in contact with toxic allergy-causing substances. Reports suggest that latex allergy-related issues are common even by using gloves. Therefore, the nursing fraternity needs to use medical gloves that are free from powder.

If you are using the powdered gloves and there is no other alternative then you need to abide by the following guidelines:-

You must wash as well as dry your hands after having removed the latex gloves.

Avoid using oil-based lotions like those that contain coconut or palm oil, mineral, or lanolin while working. It is because oil-based lotions are known to destroy the glove barrier. 

It is advised to use synthetic gloves or cotton liners apart from your latex gloves while at work. 

If you are facing latex sensitivity issues then you become more prone to further exposure. If there is a worsening of the symptoms then you need to talk to your employer as well as consult a doctor. 

3. Don’t Tolerate Violence at the Workplace

Violence at the workplace is another workplace hazard to be avoided. Female nurses in various hospitals and healthcare centers in Ireland are more prone to workplace violence. Such hazards are more common if there is low staffing in the hospital. They occur particularly during meals or visiting hours. Workplace violence can be physical or psychological or both.  The various categories of workplace violence are as follows:-

  •   Violence caused by patients
  •   Violence caused because of a worker on another worker
  •   Violence caused as a result of personal relationship
  •   Violence as a result of criminal intent

As of the day, there are no federal laws to prevent workplace violence in the various hospitals and nursing homes within Ireland. However, many states are drafting regulations to prevent violence in the workplace. The nurses in Ireland have to remain cautious to prevent such hazards. The nursing staff needs to remain diligent. It is also important for the nurses to be careful with patients with a history of alcohol or drug intoxication, violent behavior, and dementia. Moreover, if you are a nurse and you are working in an unsafe environment then you should have an escort.  


In Ireland, healthcare professionals are quite vulnerable to hazards and safety issues. Nurses, both male and female remain exposed to challenging situations. However, there is a way to minimize the hazards and that is by taking responsibility. Both the medical facilities and the healthcare professionals can take responsibility themselves to make sure that the workplace remains safe and secure. Besides, it is also important for the various healthcare professionals in Ireland to remain vigilant and abide by the rules and regulations furnished by the respective administrations.  

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