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QQI Level Person-Centred Assessment to Integrate Care for Older People Assignment Sample Ireland

In Ireland and rest of the Europe, there is a significant aged population. The question is how to make sure that the older folks live healthy, free from diseases for the rest of their lives. Various governments including the Irish government took steps to ensure that there are adequate hospitals, and nursing homes manned by a team of efficient nurses and qualified doctors to cater to the needs and requirements of aged patients.

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There is a trend to establish integrated care for the aged population. The objective of such integrated care is individual and healthy aging. This essay is an assessment of how a personalized care plan can be established, and how it can be implemented and followed up.

Methods for a Personalized Care Plan for the Aged

A personalized care plan for the aged population in Ireland is very useful for research and study. It helps to identify different markers of aging, and various age-related ailments as well as IC evolution. 

Integrated care for old people incorporates a gathering of bio-specimens, and clinical data from patients of age group over 30 years. Data is often collected on an annual basis. A person-centered approach to integrated care for the aged should have a proper clinical assessment. It needs to include activities like patient blood sampling, and investigating the various responses of aging markers during the time of decline. 

Steps to Use Person-Centered Framework to Care for Aged

This essay is a person-centered approach to integrating care for old people. This section discusses in depth the various benefits and uses of a person-centered observation for old people. 

It can be used in primary care settings as well as community care settings. The health workers can be trained to use this tool. The tool can also be used for various follow-up purposes. 

The tool is available in the form of tests and questions and screen declines. It is not that complicated to use. In the first step, the examiner needs to fill up the screening tool by ticking the appropriate boxes. Doing a screen test is also not that time-consuming. It takes only 8 minutes to do the same. 

In step 2 the person-centered assessment is more detailed. The assessment is conducted with the assistance of trained staff. To do the assessment you require comprehending the life of the person, the values associated with the person, and the preferences and priorities that are associated with the person. This step is all about assessing the reduction of the intrinsic capacity. It then looks for the presence of diseases within the person. It also helps to assess the environment where the person is in. 

Next is to create a personalized care plan. In this step, an objective to develop a personalized care plan is set. This objective is set with the assistance of the caregivers, individuals, and social workers. The aim is to optimize the intrinsic capacity as well as the functional ability while integrating care for the aged people.

In this step, one can monitor the progress as also the impact of interventions concerning a person. The personalized care plan incorporates advice, self-management, interventions, managing various chronic diseases as well as considering the environment. 

In step 4 one implements and monitors the personalized care plan using references from the specialist upon requirement. This step is very important so far as the personalized care plan is concerned. 

Step 5 aims to enlist the support of caregivers and community caregivers. The work of a caregiver can be tedious. It often requires the integration of the interventions meant for the caregivers. For making up a personalized care plan this step is very important. 

The person-centered approach to integrating care for old people is based on primary care settings and community care settings. The aim is to make sure that the approach is available to more and more people. 

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Disadvantages of the Person-Centered Approach for Integrated Care for Aged

There are certain disadvantages when it comes to implementation as well as long-term maintenance of the person-centered approach for integrated care for the aged. Though there are guidelines set by the WHO in this regard. Observations suggest that integrated care for the aged failed to get implemented just on grounds of adequate consensus.

Many believe that such projects are not at all viable without national support. To support the process of healthy aging it is important for consistency as also the integration of stakeholders, social services, health system. 

Objectives of the Integrated Person-Centered Assessment for Old People

The prime objective is to create a research platform that is innovative and that combines clinical, biological, and digital data from patients admitted to primary care. Such data identifies aging biomarkers. They also track the markers like memory, mobility, nutritional status, mood, hearing, and vision of aged patients.  The objective is also to define strategies and prevent dependency and maintain autonomy. 

There is more than one secondary objective and they are listed as follows:-

  • To create a platform to track subjects from a distance using a set of clinical and lifestyle data
  • To test the acceptability, the feasibility of a tablet or a smartphone application to evaluate as well as monitor intrinsic capacity from a distance
  • Use biological, clinical, and digital data to identify the various markers of biological aging. 
  • To do data analysis upon loss of intrinsic capacity, consumption in care, and pejorative events to define an effective approach to care management
  • To analyze the acceptability rate when it comes to evaluation, screening, and monitoring of intrinsic capacity in various clinical settings.


Different Irish hospitals plan to deploy the person-centered framework for integrating care for the aged. This approach is a good challenge for medical professionals like doctors. Ireland has a significant aging population. But the bad thing is that there is a lack of talented doctors.

In this context, this tool can anticipate the decline of doctors. Besides, this approach facilitates the activity of a general physician. It identifies health issues that are there concerning a hospitalized patient ahead of acute events.

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