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Impact of Influencers on Consumer Behavior Essay Sample Ireland

Today is an era of globalization. The markets are very much globalized and with the use of modern technologies like the internet are very much inter-connected. And in such globalized markets, the role of the opinion leaders is significant in the decisions of the consumers.

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This is largely due to the skills, personality as well as know-how of the opinion leaders. The opinion leaders have a direct as well as indirect influence on the decisions that a customer takes.

In recent times social media plays an important role in influencing customers. The influencers are known to affect consumer thoughts, opinions, and attitudes. They are known to affect the trends in the demands for particular products.

For quite some time, the popularity of influencer marketing enhanced. Many believe that such types of marketing are part of social media marketing. T

here are social media analytical tools that provide knowledge as well as information about the roles that the opinion leaders or the influencers play in the social media environments.

This is an essay that helps the audience and the readers to know about the impact of influencers on consumer behaviors and habits.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing can be referred to as the marketing of services or products by individuals who take actions with the purpose of influencing or affecting the purchasing habits or behavior of the customers.

Buying products or services is often due to the reputation, popularity as also the expertise of the influencers. Influencer marketing can also be put as word-of-mouth marketing. Influencer marketing is mostly done in recent times by social media users, bloggers, and search engine optimizers.

It can also be accomplished with the aid of celebrity influencers. It can be said that influencer marketing is an effective way in getting out to new customers by utilizing various social media.

Impact of influencers on consumer behavior

This section of the essay discusses the impact or the effect of the influencers on the behavior or habits of the consumers.

The impact of Social Media

In recent times when internet and social media websites are so very popular among business entities, and common people, influencer marketing is effectively carried out by social media users.

As more and more people use social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn that’s why influencer marketing is becoming popular on these platforms. The influencers who want to impact the minds and hence decision making of the customers post ads, images, videos, or graphic content about businesses, their products, or services.

In this manner, the influencers can reach out to more and more buyers, and customers who are available on social media networks. As more and more people are using social media websites nowadays, therefore, businesses can expect to reach more buyers or customers online using the different social media platforms.

Because of such marketing practices businesses whose products or services influencers promote or sell become popular among the customers.

The impact from Bloggers, you tubers, search engine optimizers

Bloggers and you tubers can become good influencers. They can engage in influencer marketing and can impact the minds and the decision-making of the customers. In the age of the internet and the web, marketing has been redefined.

Online marketing coupled with blogging on popular websites can attract more and more web traffic. Because of this, more and more people can know about a company’s products or services. The blogs and you-tube channels where influencers post to promote a business’s products or services are often monetized.

With proper and effective search engine optimization tactics the business products or services become hugely popular and more and more customers get to know about them.

There are many internet users globally and therefore if an influencer manages to enhance the visibility of company products or services online then that person can become successful. This is a good way to raise the sales, and profitability of a business.

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The impact of Celebrity influencers

The celebrity influencers like actors and actresses in the film or on television often promote brands, and products. They try to influence the decisions on purchasing of the customers. Such celebrities are often role models for many because of their looks, the talent they have, and the skills that they possess.

Therefore, if celebrities endorse a particular brand or company product then the corresponding business can expect higher sales and greater business profitability.

Boost the impact of the influencer

Influencer marketing is a good way to market products or services to customers. In recent times more and more companies prefer digital marketing, social media marketing, and blogging for influencer marketing.

The companies are aware of the fact that just by doing influencer marketing a customer may not have trust in the product or service quality. Influencers agree to promote or market a product because of the monetary benefits they obtain in return.

For successful influencer marketing, it is always important to have a good quality product or service as well as a good influencer. A good influencer is always able to evoke positive emotions.

They encourage the consumers to purchase a particular product or service. The big risk to influencer marketing is that if the influencer is associated with a scandal then it can give negative publicity to the business.

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