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Housing Policy in Ireland 2021 Essay Sample Ireland

The national housing policy in Ireland has the objective of promoting viable growth of habitat within Ireland so that a fair and impartial supply of land, services, and shelter are made available to different sections of the society in Ireland at affordable prices.

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The formulation of the national housing policy in Ireland is an ongoing process and it started in the year 2011. As per the policy that was published by the Irish government in the year 2011 the Irish government provides a summary of the observations for the future of the Irish housing sector based on fairness, equity, choice across tenures, and delivering high-quality results for the resources that are invested.

This essay highlights the various points that are mentioned in the Irish national housing policy 2021 document. The Irish government is committed to providing affordable housing solutions to its citizens.

In this context, there is available a range of documents related to housing policy in Ireland. The audience can obtain information about the Irish housing policy-related documents from the web.

Important points related to housing policy in Ireland 2021

This section of the essay highlights the important points that are associated with the housing policy in Ireland 2021.

Fair treatment of Irish housing tenures

The Irish policy on housing guarantees the right to sufficient housing to the people in Ireland. It guarantees the citizens protection against demolition or destruction of homes, and forced evictions. It also guarantees its citizens the right to privacy and makes sure that the Irish home owner’s rights are not breached.

The Irish policy on housing also guarantees homeowners the right to pock or select their respective residences. In this context, it is important to understand that the rights to sufficient housing contain entitlements and they include tenure security, restitution of housing, and land and property.

The rights to adequate housing also contain non-discriminatory and equal access to housing, participating in decision making related to house at the community and national levels.

Delivering support for social housing within the resources that are available

Social housing in Ireland offers housing to the Irish citizens at the local authority level. It offers housing by a recognized housing body. Social housing support is usually offered to citizens who are unable to afford to house using their existing resources. The housing policy in Ireland 2021 offers social housing to individuals who are not that affluent.

Setting up mechanisms for delivering social housing

The national housing policy in Ireland 2021 also sets up mechanisms for delivering social housing to the citizens. Though there were challenges for social housing like inadequate government funding, the absence of skills or capacities within the housing departments to construct new homes, low supply of cost-effective social housing through policies.

However, the national housing policy in Ireland 2021 attempts to eradicate all these issues. Attention is taken to ensure that the various social housing infrastructures are self-financed using the payments collected as rents and service charges.

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Cost-effective housing schemes

Cost often becomes a factor for poor individuals. The Housing policy in Ireland 2021 is committed to introducing new schemes that are very much cost-effective and affordable for the citizens of Ireland. The Irish government wants to provide sufficient housing to its citizens. Such housing gas the below-mentioned criteria:-

  • Tenure security
  • Availability of materials, services, infrastructures, and facilities
  • Affordability
  • Habitability
  • Accessibility
  • Location
  • Cultural sufficiency

Housing strategy for disabled people

The housing policy in Ireland 2021 is also committed to providing quality housing to individuals with disabilities or special needs. The Irish housing policy has the objective of providing a variety of housing as well as support services that are furnished in a sustainable and integrated fashion so that individual choice, equality of opportunities, and independent living can be promoted.

Furnishing housing supports individuals with special requirements

There are individuals within the Irish society who may not be disabled but are financially down. Their income may not be that high to purchase costly houses. For this section of the Irish population, there are separate provisions in the housing policy in Ireland 2021 so that the individuals that come under this population can easily avail of loans for housing from various public and private banks in Ireland.

Setting up of measures so that anti-social activities across housing tenures can be stopped

The housing policy in Ireland 2021 also provides various ways and means by which anti-social activities across housing tenures can be prevented. These ways and means include tenancy management, allocation policy, housing advice, tenancy support, mediation, and improvements in the environment. Other ways that can be used to prevent anti-social activities are community agreements, demotion orders, cracking of closure of houses, by dispersing the groups.

This essay discusses the vital points of the housing policy in Ireland 2021. Since this is a limited worded essay and hence for more information in this regard it is advised to visit relevant resources that are available on the web.

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