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Freedom of Information (FOI) and Data Protection Essay Example

The freedom of Information also FOI to an individual offers that particular individual the right to request information from public sector organizations.

In Ireland, any person possesses the right to ask for information from public sector organizations. However, there is a difference between Freedom of Information and data protection.

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A person can request information from public authorities but the person cannot request personal information about the person who is making such requests.

In Ireland, the data protection laws are there to protect personal data. This is an essay that discusses the Freedom of Information and also discusses data protection.

The essay discusses the similarities as also the differences between Freedom of Information and data protection. It also discusses third-party information. There are also links available on the web that allows the readers and the audience to know how to make requests concerning FOI.

Freedom of Information Act

The Freedom of Information Act assists Irish citizens to access data that is held by various public authorities.

The Freedom of Information makes it mandatory for the public authorities to publish information about their functioning. The Irish public has the authority to request such information from the different public authorities.

In short, it can be said that the FOI offers the citizens of Ireland the right to get access to public records based on certain conditions. The FOI acts apply to the data and information that is held by government agencies, departments, and other bodies that receive findings from the state in Ireland.

Data Protection Act

In Ireland, the data protection act states that if organizations process personal data of a kid aged less than 16 years then consent is needed from the kid’s guardians or parents.

Besides, data protection acts are used to control how a customer or personal data is used by government bodies and organizations. Data protection acts are there to protect the privacy rights of the people and the act also underscores rules about how data about people can be utilized.

Data protection in Ireland is subject to certain conditions. The various Irish data protection acts as well as GDPR applies to personal data that is with various private, public and legal entities in Ireland.

Similarities between FOI and data protection in Ireland

The Irish citizens can use the freedom of information acts, the data protection act and the GDPR acts to retrieve data (personal information about the person requesting the data) from organizations that hold the data.

There may not be many similarities between the FOI and the data protection acts in Ireland while making requests for personal data. However, there are vital differences between the FOI and data protection acts in Ireland.

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Differences between FOI and data protection acts in Ireland

There are some fundamental differences between the FOI and the data protection acts in Ireland. This section of the essay highlights the same for the interests of the readers and audience.


The FOI acts allow the citizens of Ireland to

  • Access records that are held publicly by organizations as smoothly as possible
  • The FOI also allows Irish citizens to access personal as well as non-personal data or records.
  • By using the FOI a spouse or a relative of a dead person can access the personal data of that dead person.


The GDPR as also the data protection Act allows the Irish citizens to

  • Apply for only personal data so long as any other person has given any consent to the disclosure of their respective personal data or information.

Third-party data

If you are in Ireland and want to access third-party data or information then you must know that getting access to third-party data or information is subject to certain restrictions. These restrictions are based on FOI legislation and they are usually not allowed under data protection legislation.

Purpose of FOI acts

The purpose of the FOI Act is to make sure that information is disclosed keeping into consideration public interests. FOI also guarantees the citizens of Ireland the right to access information and it also makes sure that proper mechanisms are in place to safeguard this right.

Purpose of data protection acts

In Ireland, the data protection acts help the Irish citizens to remain empowered. This empowerment helps the Irish citizens to be in control of their respective personal data. These acts help the people of Ireland to support various organizations with the legitimate processing of personal information.

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