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 Early Childhood Studies Care & Education Assignment Example, Ireland

This sample Assignment discusses FETAC level 5 early childhood studies care and education. The essay is based on the subject that is a part of childcare courses (ECCE). Such courses are offered online and interested candidates can start anyone with these courses. Another important thing about this course is that it is a QQI/FETAC accredited childcare course.

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If you want to function as autonomous childcare (ECCE) practitioner then you can learn such courses online. The courses will teach you how to work at daycare centers and pre-school and after-school facilities. If you want to go for higher education and learning options using this course then you can do that as well.

This essay provides useful insight into the qualifications that are required to become an ECCE practitioner in Ireland. It also helps you to comprehend the various learning outcomes of such childcare courses. 

Qualifications Required for an Irish ECCE Practitioner 

If you want to become an Irish ECCE practitioner then you need to have certain skill sets. Early childhood education in Ireland has altered significantly over years. Since 2016 it is mandatory for people who are aspiring to work as ECCE practitioners to have proper certifications from a recognized authority.

Candidates need to possess a Level 5 certification from QQI to function in the ECCE sector. If you are interested to become room leaders then you need to possess a Level 6 certification from QQI. In this context, it is relevant to say that special emphasis is attached to delivering quality childcare services.

Observations suggest that the quality of childcare services is dependent on the standard of training (ECCE) received by the candidates.

Assessments of FETAC level 5 early childhood studies care and education

Students aspiring to become an Irish ECCE practitioner are required to do the following so that their skills and knowhow can be evaluated and assessed:-

  • The students need to complete at least 110 hours of practice work in a setting (ECCE).
  • There will be continuous assessments involved and they include demonstrating practical skills and a written examination.
  • The demonstrations of skills and exams are performed in the city of Dublin.
  • If a student is unable to find suitable placements because of the current COVID 19 restrictions then that person can appear for alternative assessments.

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Learning Outcomes of QQI level 5 Early Childhood Studies Care & Education Course

The learning outcomes of the Early Childhood Studies Care & Education are as follows:-

The course helps the learners to know about how kids develop and learn in their childhood years. 

The course helps the learners to develop a range of skills for properly observing kids and young people.

It helps to facilitate proper learning for the kids in care.

If you have attended the Early Childhood Studies Care & Education then you are expected to have a clear understanding of the theory of child development. You will also be able to know about the observations that enable the childcare professionals to make decisions regarding a kid’s holistic development. In this context, it is pertinent to understand what holistic development is. It is the overall development of the child and that implies not just physical development but also social, mental, and psychological development.

The concerned childcare course also provides an overview of the available Irish healthcare support systems and legal and statutory support systems. 

The course helps the learners to use a host of supervisory skills in the workplace. The course also helps the learners to have solid working relationships.

The course also provides information about best practice guidance concerning childcare. It provides insight into the policies and procedures that one needs to adhere to provide high-quality childcare services to children who need them.

The Irish ECCE practitioners need to observe the children, learn about their needs that are there in the children, and later work in a manner to make sure that the kids experience a holistic development, they get the best education from the childcare professionals.

One of the important aspects of early childhood studies care & education is to offer high-quality childcare services to children who need them within the ECCE settings. The course offers useful insight on how the childcare workers in Ireland or the ECCE practitioners in Ireland can work within the ECCE settings and yet deliver quality services to develop a child physically, morally, mentally, socially, and psychologically. 

Early Childhood Studies Care & Education values diversity and fosters inclusion.  The course is designed in a manner so that the course givers can get information on how to know the children, address the inequality the kids are facing, and help the kids to get connected to the parents and community, address the diverse learning requirements of the kids. Diversity and inclusion are important because it helps acceptance of the children participating in childcare in a multicultural society. It also helps the children to thrive in a diverse world. 

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