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5N1765 Child Health and Wellbeing QQI Level 5 Assignment Example Ireland

This Assignment sample discusses the course “Child Health and Well Being”. The course code is 5N1765. The course is delivered online at its own pace and can be started at any time. Successful completion of the course awards the learner with Child Health and Well-being Certificate (Level 5). The certification is awarded by QQI.

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The objective of the course is to assist the learner in acquiring knowledge and skills and competence so that they can take effective steps to ensure the health and well-being of the children and at the same time maintain healthy and hygienic practices within the ECCE (Early Childhood Care and Education) settings. This essay also discusses the assessments or examinations, and learning outcomes in brief.

Assessments or Examinations Concerning the Course 5N1765

If you are located in Ireland and pursuing the course 5N1765 which is associated with “Child Health and Well Being” then after the completion of the learning stage you require to appear for assessments or examinations.

The assessments help to evaluate your knowledge, test your skills and subsequently decide your eligibility in getting rewarded with the Level 5 certification by QQI.

The assessment involves 40% of the project and 60% in demonstrating skills. Candidates can learn the course online and can participate in the assessment program after approximately 12 months upon completion of their learning. 

Learning Outcomes Concerning the Course 5N1765

This section of the essay discusses various learning outcomes concerning the course CHILD HEALTH and WELL BEING (5N1765). The learning outcomes are as follows:-

Outline requirements required to provide health and well-being of kids within the ECCE setting

Children that are part of Irish childcare programs require good health and education. The course 5N1765 outlines the requirements that are necessary for providing good health and well-being to the kids within the ECCE framework. These requirements are mostly part of national guidelines to ensure child protection in Ireland. 

Factors contributing to the well-being of the kids

Several factors contribute to the health and well-being of the kids. These factors are listed as follows:-

  • Exposure to violent behavior 
  • Stress within the family or in the environment where the child is present
  • Inadequate housing
  • Lack of healthcare facilities
  • Poverty
  • Poor nutrition
  • Substance abuse

Good health and well-being for a child are important because whenever a child is in good health then he has high-quality outcomes in school and other areas of life. The course helps to discuss elaborately these factors.

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Outlining the different nutritional needs of young kids

Babies and young kids require nutrition for growth and development. The course discusses the various nutritional needs that can help kids to grow and develop.

The need for safe indoor and outdoor environments for kids

For kids to have holistic growth it is required to have a safe indoor and outdoor environment. The course helps the readers to understand how such an environment can be created for the kids. 

Describe Common Childhood Ailments

Childcare workers require having the know-how about various childhood ailments and their subsequent treatments. This essay on the course 5N1765 helps them know about the diseases and their treatments. 

Prepare balanced menus for children toddlers and babies

Kids having different age groups are often part of childcare programs in Ireland. Unarguably they have different nutritional needs. The course provides insights on the menu, and other nutritional requirements specific to babies, toddlers, and other kids. 

Perform personal care activities for kids 

A kid in his or her childhood can get ill and hence require personal care, and assistance to recover from the illness. This course also provides useful information about the steps that are essential for personal care for babies, toddlers, and children on the part of childcare professionals.

Implement policies and procedures to do record-keeping required by legislation and good practice guidelines

There are certain legislations and good practice guidelines concerning childcare services. The course provides relevant information on how to put into place policies and procedures so that record keeping can be performed by childcare professionals as part of the legislation and good practice guidelines.

Use skills and support to promote the health and well-being of kids

Health and well-being are an essential part of childcare programs in Ireland. The childcare practitioners need to know the skills that are required to promote the health and well-being of the kids. The course content provides information on the same.

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Use the know-how of child development to support kids so that they can form secure and positive relationships with other children, and adults within the ECCE settings

The course is in context and hence the essay also focuses on the importance of the knowledge of child development to support children so that they can form secure as also positive relationships with adults, and other children as part of the ECCE settings.

Reflecting on personal practice to know about healthy, hygienic, and safe environments for kids

Childcare professionals need to inculcate good habits so that they can provide a healthy, hygienic, and safe environment for kids who are part of the childcare program in Ireland.

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