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QQI Level Contemporary Issues in Global Finance Assignment Sample Ireland

In this essay sample, we highlight all about Global finance and the issues that are plaguing it. Several issues are there in Global finance. Before discussing them it is important to understand that the global financial system is a network of institutions, legal agreements, and formal and informal economic agents who contribute to the movement of financial capital for trade financing and investment.

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Before the 1980’s finance was mainly localized. It is after 1980 just after financial deregulation that the world economy got integrated. Several issues are a cause of concern for the global economy. They include terrorism, culture, overuse of natural resources, and global currencies. More about them will be covered in detail in this essay.

What are Contemporary Issues in Global Finance?

Since the financial deregulation in 1980, the world economy is very much integrated. Therefore, the issues hitting global finance are more or less common for any particular nation. This section of the essay focuses on these issues or challenges.  

Management Risks within International Markets

Global finance is largely dependent on international markets. If there are risks associated with global markets then it will lead to issues in global finance. The types of risks that are prevalent in the world markets are listed as follows:-

  • Commercial risks
  • Political risks that arise out of foreign laws
  • Credit risks
  • Cargo risks
  • Exchange fluctuation hazards

Commercial risks are mainly caused as a result of lack of awareness, lack of adaptability to the environment, and too much transit time involved. Then there are alterations in the exchange rates that affect the competitive capacity of a nation. All such risks often are a direct cause of issues in global finance.

Mechanisms of Foreign Exchange Market and International Money Markets

International money markets selling financial assets for a limited period and foreign markets engaging in foreign exchange trading have their mechanisms. The existing mechanisms may be issues for global finance for any particular nation. Hence nations exercise caution and check various parameters while doing trade on a global scale.

The Implications of Raising Capital in International Markets

Financial capital can be raised by investing and reinvesting in profits and it can raise capital by buying bonds, taking bank loans, or by selling stock. There can be several implications of raising capital in global markets that can create issues in global finance and such activities are performed with caution. 

Instruments Available for Managing International Financial Risk and Formulate Appropriate Solutions

There are several international financial risks and therefore it becomes important to manage them well. Several instruments are available in recent times that can easily manage financial risks. These instruments are listed as follows:-

  • Hedging
  • Foreign exchange
  • Currency derivative
  • Cash flows
  • Instruments for money market
  • Interest rate derivative
  • Risk management
  • Euro

The majority of the nations prefer to use currency derivatives to reduce risk. They use such instruments to reallocate and mitigate financial risks that are related to exchange rates, interests, commodity prices, and stock prices. 

There are a few strategies for risk management and they include the timing of the investments, and doing business domestically without remaining exposed to the foreign exchange rate. While choosing countries for the sake of investment it is recommended to focus only on devaluation risk.

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Policy Implementation for International Risk Management

Every nation has international risks and in this regard, Ireland is no exception. It becomes important for the nation as a whole to manage its risks. Nations have their resources which it uses to do effective risk management. It formulates and implements policies to do risk management. The different policies that are related to risk management are based on eight basic steps and they are as follows:-

The very first one is to implement a viable risk management framework that is based on risk policy. While developing and implementing policies for managing risks care is given to the services that are being offered by the firm, human-resource-related issues, marketing issues, IT-related problems, and information and resource management. 

The second step is the establishment of the context and this implies that it is important to consider the objectives and goals of the firm and the environment within which the firm is operating.

The next big thing is to identify the risks. 

Do risk analysis and evaluation

Manage and treat the risks

Consult and communicate with the different parts of an organization, also outside parties, and make sure that the people are kept in the loop. By doing so the risk of non-compliance can be transferred to the client and then that entity can be asked to act.

Concerned authorities need to monitor and review various risk management strategies. 

It is very important to maintain written records of policies and documents, the risks that are identified, and the steps that are taken to counter such risks. 


This essay focuses on the different challenges of International finance that Ireland faces. It also illustrates the ways and means by which the challenges can be dealt with. There are several websites online that can provide additional information in this regard. 

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