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BMGT1012D Academic and Transferable Skill Assignment Sample Ireland

An academic and transferable skill is the ability to use knowledge and skills acquired in one’s current job or education to complete tasks or projects that are related to the individual’s career goals. Academic and transferable skills can be developed through formal training, on-the-job experience, online resources, or self-paced learning programs.

Through these methods and a support network, knowledge and skills can be fine-tuned through trial-and-error until it becomes second nature. This can help students focus purely on improving and updating their professional competencies rather than balancing the training load with their social lives.

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Many educators across many disciplines can benefit from learning about and using academic and transferable skills. Worker Performance Studies have indicated that similar learning-skill concepts have been extensively mentioned in the literature, but have not received a great deal of implementation by colleges.

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In this section, we are describing some tasks. These are:

Assignment Task 1:Identify and articulate the transferable skills and achievements gained from academic and personal/career-related activities that you have developed this year.

My academic and professional activities this year have resulted in the development of transferable skills that I can use in my personal/career journey. In particular, I have learned how to work effectively as a team member, manage stress well, communicate effectively with others, and identify opportunities for growth.

If you want to be successful as a team member, it is important that you become comfortable with working together and accepting the responsibility of being a part of an effective group. Additionally, it’s also essential to manage stress well so that everyone can feel happy and content in their work environment. Finally, communication skills are critical for any organization because they allow people from different parts of the company to share ideas and collaborate effectively.

No matter what profession you choose,  it is vital to be able to communicate effectively with coworkers and clients. Being able to organize information effectively and share knowledge is an important occupational skill to possess in fields such as Medicine, Architecture, and Business.

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Assignment Task 2:Evaluate your strengths and areas for development. Develop and implement a self-development plan which reflects on the actions needed to further enhance learning skills and strategies.

Your strengths are the things that you excel at, and your areas for development are areas where you can improve. Using the strengths and areas for the development worksheet in this guide, list your strengths along with examples of how you use them every day. Next, think about some of your weaknesses, and then choose from the areas for development one or two that you would like to address in your life at college. Work through the checklist below to see which ones might relate to either category.

A self-development plan should be tailored to the individual and reflect their unique learning needs. It should also include a plan for working on specific skills, strategies, and techniques needed to improve learning outcomes. In addition, it should be shared and evaluated among a group of those who support the individual and are able to assess the plan for effectiveness.

Assignment Task 3:Critically reflect upon your own intercultural awareness. Gain a broad understanding of the importance of intercultural development in the workplace.

Reflecting upon your own cultural awareness can help you better understand the way others view different aspects of their lives, and it can also provide insight into your own place in the world. By learning more about other cultures and how they perceive the world around them, you will be better prepared to interact with people from those cultures in a positive manner. Also, the more you understand about cultures, the more you will be able to help others understand yours.

A workplace is a place where people interact with each other. It’s an important part of our social lives and it’s also the place where we learn about ourselves and how to work together in a healthy way. The workplace is home to many different cultures, which can make it difficult for employees to get along.

To help everyone succeed in the workplace, employers need to understand the importance of intercultural development. Employers must set a foundation for intercultural development and in the workplace aids in resolution such as orientations, cultural building sessions, and multicultural client needs groups.

These workshops would address things like communication and help employees learn about cultural differences. And also to recruit diverse leaders because five years from now people will need a different leader strength than the one you are having because there will be a specific type of leadership that developing in that field.

For example, it may lead you to have more leadership when you know about different cultures which leads you to understand multiple aspects of people that involve work ethics, leadership effectiveness, and other various activities like working with customers and high-performing teams as intercultural leaders. But we never get enough training on other cultures and how we can incorporate them into an organizational meeting or any training session or they didn’t take the time to discuss how they can communicate with these clients.

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Assignment Task 4:Engage in peer review activities that require you to construct feedback for others.

Many organizations and groups require members to provide feedback for others. This can be done in a variety of ways, such as providing constructive criticism or offering suggestions that could lead to improvement. Peer review is an effective way for individuals to give feedback about the work they have done and share ideas about how it could be improved. It also allows people who are not extensively familiar with the work being reviewed to contribute their knowledge and insights without feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable.

Sometimes the information individuals provide through their peer review process can help change organizational policy or practices in accordance with other people’s feedback. Peer review can give everyone involved a chance to feel more connected and seen by others, which can bring about greater uniformity in thought as opposed to independence. Individual differences are reduced and peer feedback provides an overwhelming forum for teamwork and collaboration of ideas.

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