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ARCT30130 Framework for Practice Assignment Sample Ireland

The ARCT30130 Framework for Practice is a theoretical framework that provides a structure for understanding and applying best practices in art education. According to the framework, the purpose of art education is to foster the development of creative and critical thinking skills in students.

The framework consists of five core components: creativity, craftsmanship, communication, critical thinking, and character. Each component is associated with specific goals that guide the teaching and learning of art. For example, the goal of creativity is to help students generate new ideas and solutions, while the goal of communication is to help students express their ideas effectively.

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The framework has been widely adopted by art educators worldwide and has been shown to be effective in improving student outcomes. It provides a common language for articulating what we value in art education and helps us to structure our teaching practice accordingly.

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In this section, we are describing some tasks. These are:

Assignment Task 1: Intelligent Tectonics:

Upon completion of this module, students should be able to create intelligent building models, extract information and drawings from these models and demonstrate a critical understanding of the appropriate use of building information modeling in the design process.

Intelligent Tectonics is the theory that the movement of the earth’s tectonic plates is controlled by an intelligent, self-aware force. Some adherents to this theory believe that this force is extraterrestrial in origin, while others believe that it is a force of nature that has always existed.

Intelligent building models are beneficial in a number of ways. First, they allow for more efficient use of energy resources. Second, they help to optimize the performance of mechanical and electrical systems. Third, they provide a more comfortable environment for occupants. Fourth, they can contribute to improved safety and security. Finally, they can assist in monitoring and managing building systems and operations.

When creating an intelligent building model, it is important to understand the principles of tectonics. Tectonic plates are the large slabs of earth that make up the planet’s surface. They are in constant motion, sliding along each other and shifting positions. This movement creates earthquakes and volcanoes.

An intelligent building model must be able to accurately simulate the movement of tectonic plates. It must also be able to account for the various factors that influence plate movement, including climate, topography, and human activity.

Once a model has been created, it is important to extract information and drawings from it. This information can be used to improve the design of buildings and other structures. It can also be used to monitor and manage building systems and operations.

Critical understanding is essential when using building information modeling in the design process. BIM can be used to create a variety of different types of models, including architectural models, engineering models, and construction models. Each type of model has its own set of benefits and shortcomings.

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Assignment Task 2:  The Conservation Conundrum:

An introduction to understanding how and why conservation thought and practice developed in Ireland and internationally. How does it impact the practice of architecture?

Conservation thought and practice has been around for centuries, but it wasn’t until the early 1900s that it began to be developed as a formal discipline. The first conservation organization in the world was founded in Ireland in 1901, and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) was established in 1948.

Since then, conservation has become an important part of protecting our environment and natural resources. Arc is one of the most effective ways to protect the land from development and other forms of destruction, and conservation thought and practice is essential to ensuring that we have healthy ecosystems that can support wildlife populations and human communities alike.

However, conservation can also be controversial. Many people believe that it is more important to promote economic development than to protect the environment, and there is often a tension between the two goals. In addition, conservation can be expensive and challenging to implement, especially in a time of austerity.

Despite these challenges, I believe that conservation is essential for the future of our planet. We need to find a way to balance the need for economic development with the need for environmental protection, and we need to invest in conservation initiatives that will benefit both people and the environment.

Assignment Task 3: Introduction to Urban Design

Understanding the theoretical and practical use of Urban Design in Ireland and elsewhere and how this impacts modern environments and the profession.

Urban design is the process of designing and shaping cities, towns, and villages. It involves the coordination and integration of land use planning, transportation planning, environmental assessment, economic analysis, and public engagement strategies to create vibrant, efficient, equitable, and sustainable communities.

The theoretical aspect of urban design looks at how various elements – such as buildings, open spaces, transport systems, etc. – interact with each other to create a functioning city. The practical aspect is more focused on achieving specific outcomes for a community or neighborhood – for example, creating more green space, reducing traffic congestion, or improving social cohesion.

Urban design is a relatively new profession in Ireland and there are still few dedicated urban designers working with local authorities. However, the demand for urban design services is growing, and there are a number of private consultancies that offer these services.

Urban design is an important tool for creating sustainable and equitable communities. It can help us to think about our cities in a more holistic way, and it can be used to achieve a wide range of social, environmental, and economic goals. I believe that urban design should be a core component of all planning and development initiatives and that it should be used to create vibrant, sustainable, and equitable communities for all.

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Assignment Task 4: The role of an Architect in today’s Building Economy

Demonstrate awareness of the formation and uses of the profession and understand outline building economics and liability.

An architect is responsible for the design of a structure and works with clients to create a vision that meets their needs. Part of an architect’s job is to understand the financial feasibility of a project – they must be able to assess what can and cannot be built within a certain budget, and work with clients to find creative ways to bring their vision to life.

Architects are also responsible for ensuring that their designs meet all safety requirements and building codes. In the event that something goes wrong with a structure after it has been built, architects can be held liable.

Architects are an important part of the building industry and play a key role in designing safe, efficient, and affordable buildings. I believe that architects should be involved in every stage of the building process, from conception to completion, and that they should be held accountable for the quality of their work.

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