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5N3741 Health-Related Cleaning Skills QQI Level 5 Assignment Example Ireland

The assignment example is all about the course health-related cleaning skills having course code 5N3741. The level of the course is 5 and the course is recognized by QQI. The award type associated with the course is minor and the credit value of the course is 15.

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The objective of the course is to make the learner know about the skills, competence, and knowledge so that the person can analyze as well as apply basic cleaning methods in the health and services sector. This assignment example discusses the various learning outcomes, it discusses the various assessment methods. 

Health-Related Cleaning Skills (5N3741) level 5 course learning outcomes

There are certain outcomes of learning the course health-related cleaning skills (5N3741) and these are listed as follows:-

Understand the significance of excellent standards of hygiene as also practices in preventing and controlling infection 

The course on Health-Related Cleaning Skills (5N3741) features the reasons why practices and good hygiene standards are important in controlling infections. Some good hygiene standards and practices include environmental and personal hygiene and it leads to the analysis of conditions that result in bacterial growth. 

Basic principles of cleaning

The course also helps to understand the fundamental principles of cleaning. The basic cleaning principles are requirements and standards for the promotion of health, security, and safety, planning of cleaning schedules, and methods to prevent contamination. The other principles of cleaning are a risk to staff and patients. 

Important principles of a color-coding system

This section of the course discusses the significant principles of the color-coding system. The principles of the color-coding system include the importance of accident prevention and infection controls. 

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Common infections that are common in the health and services environment

This course also helps the learners to comprehend the various common infections that are common in the health and services environment. Among the common healthcare infections are Acinetobacter baumannii, Burkholderia cepacia, Bacteroides fragilis, Clostridium sordellii, Enterococcus faecalis, Escherichia coli, and Clostridium difficile. 

Use procedures and policies in dealing with harmful substances

The course in this context uses safety procedures and policies in dealing with harmful items that incorporate waste matter, linen, pest control, and body and blood spillages. 

Effects of exposure to harmful substances within a healthcare setting

The course in this context also discusses the effects of exposure to harmful substances within health care settings. The course helps the learners to discuss the effects concerning biological and chemical agent guidelines, and the safe storing of various cleaning agents. 

Clean fittings, furniture, floors, toilets, sanitary and bathrooms

The course Health-Related Cleaning Skills (5N3741) is useful to understand the use of clean fittings, floors, furniture, toilets, bathrooms, and sanitary ware. They incorporate bed marking within a stipulated time concerning work completion. 

Use cleaning methods for specialist theatres, units, and isolation units

The course also helps to understand the methods in which cleaning methods are used for specialist theatres, units as also isolation units. 

Utilize suitable cleansing equipment for a variety of jobs

The course helps the learners to use suitable cleaning items for a wide variety of jobs. In this context, suitable cleaning equipment is listed as follows and they are a sponge, a bucket, a toothbrush, a scrub brush, spray bottles, and white towels. 

Set up good cleaning principles

The course also highlights the use of various cleaning principles and they are listed as follows list of hazardous standards of communications and environmental care, to safeguard the quality of materials, fittings, fixtures, and décor.

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Use good skills of communications at the workplace 

The learners of the course need to use effective communication skills in the workplace. It is because one needs to make sure that there are effective systems of line control. 

Practice good standards of dress codes and personal hygiene

The course Health-Related Cleaning Skills (5N3741) helps to practice effective standards of dress codes as also personal hygiene. The cleaning skills incorporate the utilization of personal as well as protective clothing, good practices of hand hygiene, equipment, antiseptics, disinfectants, and utilization of alcohol-based hand gels. 

Assessments and Techniques of Assessments

The assessments are used to evaluate and assess the performance of the students and learners who are opting for the course. Based on assessments of the skills, competence as well as knowledge of the students, learners are assessed or evaluated.

The providers are required to do submission of assessment plans. The assessment plans incorporate assessment scheduling information and assessment integration information.

The assessor is expected to do examination papers, mark sheets, assignment briefs, project briefs, and assessment criteria as per the QQI standards. 

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