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QQI Level 5 Problem Solving Assignment 5N1615 Example Ireland

There are several courses that students in Ireland can pursue online. There is a course that is named “Problem Solving” in Ireland’s academic curriculum (QQI). Upon successful completion of this course, the students can expect an award.

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The objective of the course and the award is to make the students and the learners know the skills, and knowledge about how to solve problems effectively in daily lives. This write-up is an assignment sample and its objective is to provide information about the learning outcomes that are associated with the course in context.

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Learning outcomes of Problem Solving QQI Level 5 (5N1615)

If you are a student in Ireland and pursue the course on Problem Solving QQI Level 5 (5N1615) online then there are some learning outcomes that you can know. These outcomes of learning are discussed in this section of the assignment sample.

Following are the learning outcomes that are related to the course on Problem Solving QQI Level 5 (5N1615):-

Practices and principles of solving problems

Problem-solving can be defined as an activity that attempts to understand the cause of problems and it also helps to identify, select, and prioritize various alternatives for solutions to problems. Problem-solving activity is incomplete without implementing the solutions. The course on Problem Solving QQI Level 5 (5N1615) provides information about the practices and principles of solving problems.

Concepts of solving problems

The concepts of solving problems include referencing intellectual as also emotional dimensions. The concept of problem-solving as highlighted in the course in context also mentions the importance of skills to solve problems in work, daily lives as also in public arenas.

Examples of practices in solving problems

Problem-solving is required in doing research and analysis. It is used in communication and decision-making. Besides these, there can be other examples of solving problems in public or private lives. The course in context provides information about various examples of solving problems and it also provides mentioning of problems that proved insoluble.

Spot the reasons why there can be difficulty in solving problems

There can be a wide range of reasons why one can find problem-solving activities to be difficult to handle. These reasons incorporate the impacts created on circumstances, people, resources, events, technologies, tools, and other obstacles to the path of progress. The course in context discusses the reasons that explain the difficulties in solving problems.

What are the methods and techniques to solve problems?

There is a wide range of methods and techniques that can be utilized to solve problems. These methods and techniques incorporate the ways of comprehending and shaping a problem, collecting information on the problems, and also the ways to reach acceptable solutions or outcomes to the problems. The course on Problem Solving QQI Level 5 (5N1615) provides additional information about methods and techniques to solve problems.

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What are the skills needed to solve problems?

To solve problems it is vital to possess problem-solving abilities. The different problem-solving abilities that one must have includes collecting information, problem shaping, and ability to comprehend others, skills of analyzing the problem, creativity, and perspectives as also making decisions. To know more about the various problem-solving skills it is advised to read the course on Problem Solving QQI Level 5 (5N1615).

Application and use of problem-solving techniques

Problem-solving is accomplished by the effective application of the techniques associated with problem-solving. Problem-solving implies finding effective solutions to problems that impact the personal as also the professional life. The application of the various problem-solving techniques incorporates keeping a record of the processes, the progress that is made, and the outcomes. For more information on the application and use of problem-solving techniques read the course in context.

Collaborating and solving problems

Collaborating while solving problems is a common thing that takes place in the professional life of a person. The course in context provides information on how to engage in such collaborations. Collaborating with others to solve issues includes practical support and advice from supervisors and team members.

Experiences acquired through solving problems

The course on Problem Solving QQI Level 5 (5N1615) also highlights the experiences that the problem solver acquires through solving issues. These experiences incorporate observations on the lessons that are learned, personal weaknesses and strengths, and areas that can be improved.

Application of problem-solving skills

The course on Problem Solving QQI Level 5 (5N1615) also provides how different problem-solving skills of an individual can be applied. Problem-solving skills often imply creative thinking, analytical skills, flexibility, adaptability, resilience, and initiative. While solving problems the problem solver must take the responsibility for the quality of output that is rendered.

General information on Assessments

This section of the assignment sample provides information on assessments of students pursuing the course on Problem Solving QQI Level 5 (5N1615). The QQI assessment techniques involve the use of instruments like assignment briefs, project briefs, mark sheets, and assessment criteria.

The students are required to complete projects (weightage 50%) and skills demonstrations (50% weightage) as part of assessments. The students participating in the assessments can be graded as pass, merit, or distinction based on their performances.

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