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QQI Level 4 Information Technology Skills  Assignment Example Ireland

This course is designed to equip the learner with the knowledge, skill, and competence to use applications in information technology. It is designed to develop skills in data entry, word processing, and using the internet.

Information technology skills course is the minor award type of qualification for QQI Level 4 learners.

Here in this assignment example of 4N1125, we are going to discuss each learning outcome separately. There are 13 objectives in this course which will be discussed below:

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Information Technology Skills 4N1125 QQI Level 4 Course Learning Outcomes

QQI Level 4 Learner will be able to:

Explain a range of information technology concepts and terminology

The learners of this course will be able to explain a range of information technology concepts and terminology. It includes computer-related concepts such as computer hardware components, system, and application software input devices, output devices, data storage devices, bytes, files, folder/directory, drives, memory, LAN, WAN, and the internet.

Describe the impact of information technology on your personal life and working life

This QQI Level 4 course gives the understanding to the learners of the impact of information technology on personal and working lives. IT has made a lot of changes in the lives of students through the education process effective and productive. Moreover, letters to e-mail, market shopping to online shopping, classroom learning to e-learning, are some great impacts of IT in everyday life.

Also, IT has contributed to every sector such as Home and Domestic Activities, Social Networking, Education, Health, Commerce, Banking, and Employment.

Managing files, folders, or directories using a range of common file management features

This course helps learners to manage files, folders, or directories using a range of common file management features including creating, renaming, deleting, copying, moving, locating, and saving to a range of drives.

Use a data entry application to enter data

This course helps learners to use data entry applications to enter data. Entering data will be done by using text, alpha, numeric and special characters to a minimum speed of 15 words per minute.

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Access a word processing package

The learners will be able to access a word processing package. The word processing packages are software programs used to create, edit and view documents on the computer. To open a file, enter and edit text by inserting and deleting characters, words, sentences, and paragraphs. Two popular word processors are Microsoft word and pages.

Format text using a range of format tools

This QQI Level 4 course helps learners to format text using a range of format tools. It includes joining and splitting, line spacing, indentation, justifying, and alignment.

Enhance text using a range of enhancement tools

The course helps learners to enhance text using a range of enhancement tools. Enhancement tools help to enhance the text such as bold, underlining, italicizing font, and font size.

Edit a block of text using a range of editing tools

The course helps learners to edit a block of text using a range of editing tools. These tools help to copy, move, and delete the text.

Navigate specific internet sites through a browser with specific links identified

The course also focuses on learners navigating a specific internet site through browsers after identifying specific links.

Use a range of functions in a webmail application

The course also gives the competence t learners to use a range of functions in a webmail application. The webmail application helps learners to create, reply, cc, bcc, and add attachments to emails.

Manage a personal email account

The course helps learners to manage a personal email account which includes inbox, read/unread, deleted items, trash, drafts, and contacts or address book.

Produce an accurate hard copy

The course provides the knowledge to learners to produce an accurate hard copy of 50-70 word documents by proofreading. Also, by using spell check, save, and print features, a word document helps to create a precise copy.

Produce a hard copy of specific information located on the internet

The course also allows learners to develop skills to produce a hard copy of specific information located on the internet.

Assessments and the Techniques of Assessments Concerning Information Technology Skills 4N1125

To demonstrate that learners have reached the standards of knowledge, skill, and competence identified in all the learning outcomes, learners are required to complete the assessment(s).

Moreover, assessments make part up 20% of examination theory and 80% of Examination practical.

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