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EC269 Intermediate Microeconomics assignment sample NUIG Ireland

EC269 Intermediate Microeconomics is a course designed to introduce students to the fundamental principles of microeconomics. The focus of the course is on how people allocate resources in order to satisfy their needs and wants.

In particular, we will discuss how demand and supply determine prices in a market economy, and how these prices guide firms in their decision-making. We will also examine different market structures and the implications of monopoly and oligopoly for economic efficiency. Finally, we will study measures of economic welfare and the effects of government intervention in markets.

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We will go with some activities. These are

Assignment Activity 1: Understand the scope and limitations of, primarily, the neo-classical approach to explaining economic phenomena (since it is the dominant school of thought to which most time will be devoted) but also the alternative paradigm presented.

The neo-classical approach is the dominant school of thought when it comes to explaining economic phenomena. However, it is important to understand the scope and limitations of this approach.

One of the key limitations of the neo-classical approach is that it focuses on a narrowly defined notion of efficiency. This can lead to an oversimplification of how economies actually function. Additionally, the neo-classical approach often relies on unrealistic assumptions, such as perfect competition and rational consumers. As a result, this approach may not always be accurate in predicting economic behavior.

Another key limitation of the neo-classical approach is that it overlooks important factors such as market power and access to information. This can lead to an underestimation of the role of government intervention in markets. Additionally, the neo-classical approach often fails to consider the distributional effects of economic policies.

Despite these limitations, the neo-classical approach remains the most widely used framework for understanding economic phenomena. This is due to its simplicity and its ability to provide clear predictions about how economies will respond to changes in policy.

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Assignment Activity 2: Facilitate students to think critically about economics and the popular presentation of economic facts and economic policies.

As our world increasingly becomes more complex, it is important for students to think critically about economics. Economic theory can help us to better understand the world around us and make more informed decisions.

There are a number of presentations of economic facts and economic policies available to help facilitate this critical thinking. For example, the World Bank provides an annual World Development Report which explores different global issues from an economic perspective. The International Monetary Fund also offers educational resources on its website, including an Understanding Economics course.

In addition to these general resources, there are also numerous specifically targeted at helping students think critically about economics. For example, EconEdLink provides a variety of teaching resources for K-12 teachers looking to incorporate economics into their classrooms. The Council for Economic Education also offers a variety of resources, including lesson plans and a standards-based curriculum.

Finally, it is also important for students to have access to quality economic data. The World Bank’s Development Data Group provides a wide range of development indicators, while the International Monetary Fund’s Statistics Department offers a range of economic data.

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