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Britain’s exit (BREXIT) from the EU Has Affected  Essay Ireland

This essay sample discusses how Britain’s Exist from the EU or BREXIT’s affected Ireland. Ireland is a part of the European Union. As long as Britain was part of the EU it did business with Ireland as per policies that are acceptable to the UK, and Ireland as also the EU.

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Similarly, Britain enjoyed good relationships with Ireland. The relationships are suitable for trading, immigration checking, providing services, and recognizing qualifications, and cooperation in the field of customs and medicines as also in other matters.

Now, Britain is a land that is outside of the EU its relationships with Ireland have been affected. The essay discusses at length the extent of changes in relationships between Britain and Ireland post BREXIT.

How BREXIT Affected Britain’s Trade with Ireland?

This section highlights how BREXIT has affected Britain’s trade with Ireland. Many expected that with Britain’s exit from the EU Irish economy would get adversely affected. But the scenario is different. Ireland’s trade relationships with Britain have been affected negatively.

There is a slump in Irish exports to the UK. While Irish imports also fell significantly. Experts are suggestive that trade relations between UK and Ireland suffered because of bureaucracy associated with customs.

Many think that the improvement of trading relations between Britain and Ireland is because of stockpiling of goods. Very recently trading between the two nations slowed down as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic that is wreaking havoc globally.

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Will there be import taxes post BREXIT?

This section of the essay sample discusses whether there is a requirement for import taxes after BREXIT or not? After BREXIT many things have changed. Britain exited from the EU and is now a separate landmass that is outside the EU. Ireland on the other hand is an independent republic. Post-BREXIT the trading relations between Ireland and Britain did change.

The question is will there be any alterations in the import taxes after BREXIT. The answer to this question is that from 1st January 2021 the Irish citizens may require to pay duties like customs duty and taxes like VAT while purchasing items from a UK store.

However, the situation is different in Northern Ireland. In this context, it is important to understand that the BREXIT trading deals do not have any impact on the value-added taxes. The Irish citizens are therefore required to pay value-added taxes if they purchase items from a UK store after 1st January 2021.

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Northern Ireland Problem

When Britain was a part of the EU then Northern Ireland was also a part of the Union. Now when Britain chose to stay outside of the EU after BREXIT Northern Ireland also is a landmass that is outside the EU. Therefore, the issue of Northern Ireland persists. The constitutional status of Northern Ireland has been an important issue for a long time. Many in the UK wanted Northern Ireland to be part of the UK. However, Irish nationalists and Irish Catholics wanted Northern Ireland to be an integral part of the Republic of Ireland.

In this context, it is important to understand that the population in Northern Ireland is mainly British as far as the status of citizenship is concerned according to the nationality laws of the UK. Also, according to the UK constitution, the people of Northern Ireland are part of the UK politically. The Northern Ireland problem and solutions have been included under the BREXIT proposal as Northern Ireland Protocol. The issue of Northern Ireland is still very sensitive. Though Britain has exited the EU the issue of Northern Ireland persists.

Northern Ireland BREXIT Deal

This section of the essay example discusses the Northern Ireland BREXIT deal in brief. The Northern Ireland issue was there for years before the UK joined the BREXIT. While doing negotiations between the European Union and the UK a Northern Ireland protocol was proposed. According to the proposal, there will be no checks on the goods that are crossing the border between ROI and the NI. The objective of the protocol is to avoid hard borders between ROI and NI. There is one more objective of the Northern Ireland Protocol and it is to ensure the integrity of the European Union’s single market for goods.

Common Travelling Areas

Post-BREXIT there is the emergence of a common travel agreement or the CTA. The good thing about this agreement is that the British, as well as the Irish citizens, can enjoy the right to work, live as well as travel in the UK as well as in the different member states of the EU. With CTA application of passport controls is not needed for traveling. After the BREXIT the CTA facilitated free movement of British as well as Irish citizens between Britain and Ireland for jobs, and education.

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