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The Life and Works of Christopher Dresser Essay Ireland

This essay provides information on the life and works of Christopher Dresser. But before that, it is important to know who this person is. This person was quite popular in the second half of the 19th century and he was primarily associated with design reform movements during that time.

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Christopher Dresser is known to start industrial designing. As a designer, Dresser had created ornaments for many businesses in England, the United States, and France. He was very much influenced by the then designers like Owen Jones.

This essay helps the readers to know about the life of this great designer of the 19th century. Besides, it helps to understand the works that this designer had done in his professional life.

About Christopher Dresser

This section of the essay provides an informative insight into the great designer of the 19th century, Christopher Dresser. He was born in Glasgow in Scotland in the year 1834.

Since the age of 13 Dresser studied designing. He started his student life in London, UK. He was greatly influenced by top designers of that time. Dresser also studied Botany as a student. He was very interested in Botany and therefore he published books and research papers on the subject.

He also served as a lecturer in his professional career. His contributions to Botany were acknowledged by the Botanical Society of Edinburgh and the Linnean Society. Besides Botany, Dresser was interested in subjects like industrial production.

Dresser authored many books on subjects of his interests. They became immensely popular in the US and Great Britain. Dresser’s books covered topics as varied as color theory, interior decorating, and ornamentation and are of great help to designers, students, and laypersons.

A sneak peek at the works of Christopher Dresser

This section of the essay focuses on the works of the 19th-century designer, Christopher Dresser. Dresser had the opinion that designers by utilizing truthful or erroneous designs can promote or demote a nation.

Dresser attached special importance to the use of moral designing techniques. He set up principles that were based on Beauty, Truth, and Power. Dresser was very much against imitation of items while designing, he was very much for in creating perfect designs.

He focused on energy, force, and strength while designing ornaments. Dresser was deeply inspired by plant structures. He created geometrically balanced designs. Thus it can be said that Christopher Dresser took a very scientific approach to designing and art.

During his student life, Dresser was greatly influenced by Owen Jones. He used to abide by the guidelines that were set by Owen Jones while creating designs.

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Attributes of Christopher Dresser’s works

The essay in this context discusses the attributes of Christopher Dresser’s works. The designer in his designing works highlighted that he is a true Victorian as he took inspiration from a variety of Western as also non-Western sources while designing ornaments.

Dresser’s design works got very much influenced by the crafts and arts of Japan. In this context, it is relevant to mention that Dresser visited Japan as a European designer after 1854 and learned many things that can help him in his profession.

During his academic life, Dresser remained exposed to a few types of Japanese arts. After 1862 Dresser was exposed to numerous Japanese arts. Between 1860 and 1870 most of Dresser’s work of art was greatly influenced by Japanese art and craft.

He visited Japan in the year 1876-1877 and during this period Dresser got the opportunity to comprehend various Japanese forms that he could utilize while designing ornaments.

He also visited the United States as a designer and from his trips, he gained knowledge and experience. He also lectured at important institutions in the US which include the Schools of Industrial Art, and the Pennsylvania Museum.

Dresser was known to create and develop domestic artworks that were well-designed, functional, and affordable. Dresser recognized the importance of the industrial revolution and hence went on to develop and design art objects that satisfy the needs of the customers.

The designer was known to design artworks for a variety of merchandise. He also functioned as a freelance designer during his design career. He worked for numerous manufacturers of that time. He designed carpets, wallpapers, and text tiles for businesses in France, Ireland, the UK, US.

Dresser also set up a retail store that sold his craftwork for the manufacturers. However, the company ceased to exist because of Dresser’s poor health and various financial issues.

As long as the company existed Dresser engaged in retailing the items that he designed and at the same time he was known to import various works of art from Japan with the aid of his two sons who were acting as agents in the Kobe region of Japan.

Towards the end of his designing career, Dresser worked primarily for textile and wallpaper manufacturers. After Christopher Dresser died in 1904 the charge of his design studio went to his two daughters but it is understood that his daughters were unable to manage the studio.

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