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QQI Level  Children with Additional Needs 5N2396 Assignment Sample Ireland

In this essay, we discuss the course Children with Additional Needs with course code 5N2396. The purpose of this course is to educate the student pursuing the course with the know-how and skills to function effectively in an environment with kids having special needs.

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The course is designed to make the learner aware of the issues that kids with special needs face and how to help them resolve the problems and make their life better. Various approaches are discussed in this context in the course context.

This course has an award type of minor and upon successful completion of the course, the childcare professionals can expect a Level 5 certification from QQI. 

Learning Outcomes of Children with Additional Needs 5N2396

In this essay section, the learning outcomes of the course Children with Additional Needs (5N2396) are discussed. Following are the learning outcomes in this regard:-

The course explores the historical background of special requirements in Ireland

The course allows the learner to explore the historical background of special needs in Ireland. Special education came into existence in Ireland in 1975 with the passage of the law (EAHCA). Since then the special educators in the country were responding to the requirements of kids with disabilities. 

Understanding of the policy and legislation requirements associated with kids having special needs

The course that is discussed in this essay highlights the importance of understanding the legislation and policy requirements that are related to kids having special needs. In Ireland, there are legislations in place that support education for kids with special needs. 

Feature conditions and impairments associated with kids with special requirements 

According to the course, certain conditions are considered for kids with special requirements. Physical, developmental, behavioral, and sensory impaired are some categories of conditions that make a kid with special needs. 

Discuss responsibilities, roles, and support services available to kids with special needs

There are several support services available for kids with disabilities. These services include corrective, developmental, and transportation and they assist a kid with a disability to benefit from special education. The special needs assistant support kids with special care requirements, and educational requirements.

Understanding the approaches while interacting with kids with special needs

Childcare professionals need to interact with kids having special requirements. Interaction is accomplished using by observing direct talking, common sense, using visual, auditory, and tactile methods, and being positive. The course discusses in detail the various approaches while engaging with children having special requirements.

Use good practice with kids having additional requirements

There are certainly good practices that the childcare professional needs to use while interacting with kids with disabilities. The course in context provides useful insight on the same.

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Plan activities keeping into consideration the health, safety, and security of the kids

There are legislations in place to make sure that the kids that are part of the childcare program are provided with health, security, and safety needs. That is why childcare professionals need to plan activities keeping into consideration the health, safety, and security of the kids.

Be responsible with a multi-disciplinary team so that you can learn, co-operate and communicate effectively being part of the team

Often in childcare, the professionals require to work with multi-disciplinary teams particularly when there are kids with special needs. Whenever this happens then the childcare professional needs to be responsible so that the person can learn, communicate as well as cooperate effectively by remaining part of the team.

Become aware of social, ethical, and legal issues related to education and care of kids with special needs

If you are dealing with kids with special issues then you must know that there can be a range of social, ethical, and legal issues regarding education and care for kids with special needs. This essay and hence the course discusses the ways and means of how to become aware of such things as by doing so the role of the childcare professional gets simplified.

Assessment & Assessment Techniques

There are several types of assessments and they include doing reflective writing work, submitting or collecting work, and creating a work experience diary and also learner record. Candidates who are participating in assessments are also required demonstrating skills to their assessors.

The objective of the assessors is to assess the knowledge and skills of the candidate who has participated in the course. To do the assessments the assessors use a variety of techniques (assessment) and they include the use of online assessments, tests, quizzes, online exams, collection, and submission of assignments. Submission of work is accomplished using online management tools like moodle and blackboard. 

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