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QQI level 6 Project Management Assignment Sample Ireland

Here in this assignment example of Project management 6N4090, we are going to discuss the learning outcomes of this course. It is the minor award at QQI Level 6 with 15 credit value.

Project management refers to the process of leading the work of a team to achieve all project goals within the estimated period. The managing project requires the team to handle project documentation created at the beginning of the development process.

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Thus, the purpose of this award is to equip the learner with the knowledge, skill, and competence in the theory, principles, and practice of project management to enable the learner to take responsibility for the planning, implementation, and review of a project, working independently and or supervising the work of others.

Assessments of this course comprise 70% Portfolio / Collection of Work and 30% Assignment.

Project Management 6N4090 QQI Level 6 Course Learning Outcomes

Here are 10 learning outcomes of the 6N4090 project management QQI Level 6 course:

Examine the key principles and concepts

This course helps learners to examine the key principles and concepts of project management by given theory and practices of project management. There are some of the basic principles to manage project includes:

  • Address important questions and findings of the project.
  • Make a scope and goals for the project.
  • Communicate roles, expectations, and objectives to the team.
  • Assess progress and identify obstacles to the goals and objectives.
  • Ensure all deliverables have been met and finalize the project.

Investigate approaches to project management

The course focuses on the skills to acquire to investigate a range of approaches to project management the learners. Project management includes specific tools and techniques used to plan, cost and manage a project.

Communicate project management planning operations

To communicate project management planning operations, the learners have to use a variety of information channels. Communication channels help in flowing or conveying information between stakeholders.

Examine monitoring and evaluation techniques for a project

The course helps learners to examine the monitoring and evaluation techniques incorporated in a project. Project monitoring methods include project records, formal surveys, interviews, direct observation, mapping, and group discussion. The project evaluation and review techniques help in scheduling and coordinating events in a mapping chart.

Apply appropriate controls and evaluation techniques

The course helps in applying appropriate controls and evaluation techniques to achieve project aims and objectives. Setting the right aims and objectives is crucial in project management. Thus, all the evaluation techniques and methods help to manage projects effectively which include:

  • Bank efficiency ratio.
  • Profit factor.
  • Effective gross income.
  • Book to market ratio.
  • Money-weighted rate of return.
  • Economic feasibility.
  • Evaluation of risk.
  • The yield on cost.

Formulate a project management proposal

The course encourages learners of the QQI level 6 to formulate a project management proposal by establishing a rationale based on valid needs analysis.

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Devise a risk analysis for a project

The course also gives the understanding to plan a risk analysis for a project which includes the preparation of a contingency plan. The risk analysis examines how project outcomes and objectives change due to the impact of the risk event. Thus, having risks identified and examined to know the qualitative and quantitative impact of the risk.

Evaluate the methodology and process of a selected project

The course focuses on the learner’s ability to evaluate the methodology and process of a project. The selected methodology creates the collection of methods, practices, techniques, procedures, and rules for managing projects. Methodologies in project management target a series of steps and activities for each phase in the project’s life cycle.

Utilize financial planning and budget models

The course learners become skilled in utilizing the financial planning and budget models after the completion of the course. The financial planning and budget models help within the context of managing a project.

Manage a project taking corrective action

The course also helps learners to acquire skills and competence in managing a project and taking corrective action. These actions are required and necessary to meet agreed goals.

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