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QQI Level 5 Personal Effectiveness Assignment Sample Ireland

The Assignment Sample discusses the course, personal effectiveness having course code 5N1390. The award type associated with the course is Minor and the level associated with it is 5. The credit value of the course is 15. The objective of the award is to make the learner aware of the knowledge, competence, and skills that are associated with the course.

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The knowledge, skills, and competence of the course will help the learners to apply them in a wide variety of civil, personal, and vocational contexts often operating with a degree of autonomy under general directions. The learners of the course will be able to learn many things from the course. 

This Assignment discusses the various outcomes of learning related to the course. It also provides information about various assessments and assessment techniques. 

Learning outcomes of Personal Effectiveness (5N1390)

The course Personal Effectiveness (5N1390) has the following outcomes of learning:-

Principles and practices of (5N1390) Personal Effectiveness

The course on Personal Effectiveness (5N1390) highlights the various principles and practices of personal effectiveness. The principles of personal effectiveness are listed as follows:-

  • Determination
  • Self-confidence
  • Optimism
  • Stress management
  • Persistence
  • Planning
  • Problem-solving
  • Planning
  • Time management
  • Self-motivation
  • Creativity

Purpose and structure of an organization

The structure of an organization is a system that underscores how some activities are performed to attain organizational objectives. These activities can incorporate riles, responsibilities, and roles. The purpose of a structure is to aid the organization to achieve its objectives. It brings together the different members of the organization and then distinguishes the functions between them. Structure aids in efficient and smooth functioning. The purpose of an organization is the reason for its existence of the organization. Purpose only focuses on services, products, and customers. 

Employer’s role within an organization

The course Personal Effectiveness (5N1390) reflects on the employer’s role within an organization. This includes the eligibility and skills that are required for the job, personal weaknesses and strengths, issues, work practices, the people. The work practices are such that they determine how the employees do their work. 

Concept of problem-solving

This essay helps to understand that an important part of the course is all about the concept of problem-solving. This incorporates the differentiation between issues of different kinds, ways of collecting information, utilizing issue statements, and advantages as well as the disadvantages of analysis methods. 

Investigate the objectives and features of meetings

There are several meeting features and objectives. These include the factors that contribute to the formation of effective groups, the roles of the members of the groups, obstructions to participation, sources of conflicts, reflection on individual experiences, and all these taking into consideration groups that are effective and those which are not. 

Discover solutions to issues using a variety of techniques

The course in context also discusses discovering solutions to various issues using techniques like building a statement for the problem, choosing methods of analysis, and deciding on the appropriate resolution. 

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Preparing a presentation on a problem

The course also discusses how to prepare a presentation on an issue or a chosen topic. This includes structure, content, questions that can be asked, ways of giving a presentation, optimum room layout, evaluation sheet, or feedback that can be used once the presentation is given.

Conducting a meeting on a topic or issue

When it comes to Personal Effectiveness then it is important to conduct a meeting on a particular problem or topic. Doing this can include the agenda, purpose, and time limit. 

Carrying out a presentation

The course on Personal Effectiveness 5N1390 also discusses carrying out a presentation. This can include ways of interacting with the people or audience, replying to comments and questions, and self-evaluation based on one’s performance. 

Participate in meetings using a proper role

Personal Effectiveness also means participating in meetings by using a proper role. This incorporates contributing to decisions and discussions, taking notes, evaluating how the meeting is carried out, and the effect of personal contributions.  

Group participation

Group participation is included in the course Personal Effectiveness 5N1390. Such activity includes effective communication, assessing and evaluating personal weaknesses and strengths, and overall group achievement. 

Assessments & assessment techniques

The assessments of the course Personal Effectiveness 5N1390 are done to evaluate the knowledge, and skills of the learners. The assessment takes place once the learning of the course is completed. When it comes to assessment techniques then there are ways and means by which the assessments are performed. The assessor is the person who is in charge of taking the assessment. The person uses various assessment instruments and they are assignment briefs, project briefs, mark sheets, assessment criteria, and examination papers that are relevant to the methods that are according to the QQI’s needs. 

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