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QQI Level 5 Accounting Manual and Computerized 5N1348 Assignment Sample Ireland

This Level 5 assignment is based on the course “accounting manual and computerized” with course code 5N1348. Students pursuing this course are required to sit for assessments at the end of the curriculum. The assessors evaluate their knowledge and understanding of the subject.

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On successful completion of the course, the students are awarded the “Minor” award. The objective of the award is to make the students aware of how to prepare financial statements manually or by using integrated accounting software for a variety of organizations within Ireland.

The course in context also allows the learners to understand the outcomes of learning. Besides, the course helps the learners in knowing evaluation criteria and techniques and grading systems that are used concerning the course in context.

Accounting Manual and Computerized (5N1348) Level 5 Course Learning Outcomes

There are a few learning outcomes of studying the course Accounting Manual and Computerized 5N1348 and they are as follows:-

Accounting principles

There are certain accounting principles (revenue, expense, cost, and matching and objectivity principles) and the students of accounting can know about them by studying the course Accounting Manual and Computerized 5N1348.

Explanation of accounting terms

The course in context explains various accounting terms. These terms include liabilities, assets, creditors, debtors, dividends, capital, and shareholders.

Give a summary of accounting concepts and standards

The course also provides a summary of the various accounting concepts and standards. These concepts and standards incorporate prudence and consistency.

What is the auditing process? What is the role of auditors?

The process of auditing is an on-site verification job. It includes examination, an inspection of a quality system, and a process so that there is compliance with needs. The professionals who have to do the task of auditing are known as auditors. The course on Accounting Manual and Computerized 5N1348 helps the students to know the auditing process in depth.

Find out the purposes and types of budgets

There are several types of budgets in accounting and they include materials, sales, production, labor, cash, research and development, overhead, and capital expenditures. The course in context helps the students and the learners to know in depth the types of budgets as also the purposes of budgets.

Understand basic computer principles in accounting

There are fundamental computer principles in accounting that are of interest to students. The course on Accounting Manual and Computerized 5N1348 provides insight into these principles. Besides, it helps to understand the application and uses of various accounting packages for preparing various financial statements.

Conduct a host of accounting procedures

The course in context helps the learners to know how to conduct a host of accounting procedures. The course helps the students to know how to process adjustments, how extract and produce final reports and accounts, complete forecasts and budgets, and calculate ratios.

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Execute file management functions

The course on Accounting Manual and Computerized 5N1348 allows the students and the learners to know how to execute and perform various file management functions. In this context, it is important to understand what file management functions are. File management functions incorporate the copying, creating, backing up as well as deletion of folders and files.

Build financial statements for different types of Irish organizations

The course on Accounting Manual and Computerized 5N1348 allows students in Ireland who are pursuing the course to know how to build financial statements for various types of Irish organizations. The course provides insights on how to create income sheets, balance sheets, and cash flow statements for various Irish organizations.

How to utilize integrated accounting software tools?

For students of Accounting, it is important to know how to utilize integrated accounting software tools. The course on Accounting Manual and Computerized 5N1348 helps the students to understand the use of integrated accounting software tools. It also helps the students to know how to do file management, report production, system security, verification, and printing.

General information on assessment criteria and assessment techniques

If you are a student pursuing a course on Accounting Manual and Computerized 5N1348 then you need to sit for assessments upon completion of the course. The purpose of evaluation or assessment is to understand the level of skills and knowledge that you have acquired.

The assessors who perform the assessments are all accredited by the QQI and they use instruments for assessments that are endorsed by the QQI. The assessors use mark sheets, exam papers, project briefs, and various criteria for assessments. The students are required to work on assessments (60%) and they are required to work on examination-practical (40%).

The assessors grade the students based on their performance in the assessment. The student can obtain a pass which happens if he manages to score between 50% and 64%. The students are awarded merit if they score a percentage between 65% and 79%. They are awarded a grade of distinction if they manage to score between 80% and 100%.

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Students who pursue courses like Accounting Manual and Computerized (5N1348) are required to submit assignments and participate in practical exams as part of the assessment process. The assessment and evaluation are to understand whether the student has understood the subject well and whether he is in a position to solve queries about the subject.

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