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Working from home has become pervasive in response to the Covid19 crisis. Discuss the challenges of leading and managing staff: Business Studies Assignment, DCU, Ireland

University Dublin City University (DCU)
Subject Business Studies

Module Title: Contemporary Management Issues in the 21st Century

Employability skills assessed:

C1:         Reading, selecting, analyzing and synthesizing information from a range of sources

C2:         Producing different types of document

C3:         Participating in discussions

LP1:       Develop a strategy for using a range of skills to improve own learning and performance

IT1:        Preparing information

IT2:        Processing and presenting information

IT3:        Reviewing the use of information technology

LP2:       Review and Critically Reflect on Progress

LP3:       Evaluate overall effectiveness of strategy and present achievements

N1:         Collecting and recording data

N2:         Working with data

N3:         Presenting your findings

PS1:       Develop a strategy for using skills in problem solving, for a short-term routine problem and a longer term extended problem.

PS2:       Monitor progress and adapt any problem solving strategy as necessary to achieve the quality of outcomes required when tackling one complex problem with at least three options.

PS3:       Evaluate your overall strategy considered in PS2 and consider improvements.

S1:         Plan personal work schedules

S2:         Monitor and manage progress on prolonged tasks

Learning Outcomes:

LO1: Understand the dynamic of business management issues in the contemporary global business environment

LO2: Critically evaluate a wide range of contemporary management issues by synthesizing relevant theories

LO3: Assess and critically evaluate the significance of contemporary change and the impacts on decisions, behaviors, human capital, and the organization configuration

LO4: Critically analyze and evaluate an organizational situation and change so as to inform and improve performance and enhance the value

LO5: Evidence of highly developed autonomous learning skills, problem-solving, and the ability to clearly and appropriately communicate findings and recommendations.


Read the attached case study entitled “MD Solutions: Working from Home” and attempt the following questions:

Answer all three questions. All questions carry equal marks

Question 1

Working from home has become pervasive in response to the Covid19 crisis. Discuss the challenges of leading and managing staff working remotely from the office.

Question 2

Critically discuss how a company could devise a new flexible work arrangement policy for retaining the star performer without hurting the cost structure and team morale.

Question 3

Analyze the ways in which MD Solutions could develop a sustainable human resources framework that would benefit the company in the long run in terms of performance excellence and talent retention.

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