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In a crisis, everyone needs to pull together climate change is no exception The planet’s carbon budget is finite: Business Studies Report, DCU, Ireland

University Dublin City University (DCU)
Subject Business Studies


Green Companies are the answer

In a crisis, everyone needs to pull together climate change is no exception. The planet’s carbon budget is finite, and it is running out. Some people say green companies are the answer. They’re right; the world does need more green companies to help meet the Paris goals. But that’s not enough. For the world to meet the Paris goals, we need to go where the emissions are. That means transforming energy, transport, and industry – the sectors accounting for approximately 70% of global emissions. That’s where greening companies come in. 


Big corporations are now professing to be green perhaps as a great marketing strategy to position themselves in the sustainability debate. Examine corporate greenwashing strategies by corporations like BP and explain the challenges of these corporations to become truly green. Are Corporations really interested in greenwashing strategies or simply paying lip service to this sustainability issue?


Examine your current lifestyle and write a reflective document on how you could comply with the sustainability ideals?

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