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The student is required to carry out a child study of a child/adult who is currently going through the implementation: Special needs Assistant Assignment, LC, Ireland

University Liberties College (LC)
Subject Special Needs Assistant

Each student is required to produce three assignments:

  • Child Study
  • Lesson plan/activity
  • Work placement journal and daily entries

All three assignments must be printed off and presented together in a folder with each assignment separated and clearly introduced.

The student is required to carry out a child study of a child/adult who is currently going through the implementation process of a personal pupil plan (PPP)/individual education plan (IEP) or an individual behavior plan (IBP) or who already has a PPP/IEP/IBP in place.

Main points to discuss and consider:

  • An explanation of what a PPP/IEP/IBP is, the multidisciplinary team involved, and procedures to be followed to implement it
  • Discuss the role of the parents/guardian in the IEP/IBP process
  • Discuss the role of the Government in the IEP/IBP process; relevant legislation should be included with reference to the Education for Persons with Special Educational Needs (EPSEN) Act 2004 and legislation changes that have framed the process of IEPs /IBPs
  • The profile of the child you have chosen, including a clear definition of their special need/disability and the setting the child/adult, is attending
  • Information regarding any Special Needs Assistant (SNA) or extra support assigned to the child/adult and their input and involvement with the implementation of the plan
  • Discuss the use and benefits of observations in this child study.
  • Carry out 5 observations on this child using different methods. Each observation should be between 5-10 minutes in length identifying the needs of the child. Place them in the appendices and discuss their findings in the main section of the child study.
  • Identify and discuss areas of curriculum adaptation based on the above findings and how they can be implemented to help the child/adult.
  • An overall evaluation of the whole PPP/IEP/IBP process was critically analyzed considering the benefits for this child/adult, the staff, and the family involved.

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