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Discuss the development of special needs educational provision to imitate turns where children are accommodated in primary education: Special Needs Assistant Assignment, OC, Ireland

University The Open College (OC)
Subject Special Needs Assistant

The candidate is required to submit a project of 2000 words, which demonstrates their broad knowledge of Special Needs Provision in Ireland and the supports available to children with additional needs.

Section 1

  1. The three eras of special education and who took responsibility for providing the first education
  2.  Identify three reasons few policies and legislation changes
  3. Discuss the development of special needs educational provision to imitate turns where children are accommodated in primary education and preschool_
  4. Identify other types of educational supports available to children with additional needs in primary education and preschool to include.

Section two

Outline, compare, and contrast The Medical Model and The Social Model of special nos. Give a contrasting example of the two models in practice.

Section 3

Outline of the Imislation relating to special needs education in Ireland:

1. Provide a list of all legislation in relation to special needs (min of 6 Acts)

2. Discuss briefly two main pieces of legislation that apply to accm; and inclusion

3. Give two examples of where sex-these pieces of legislation are in practice in childcare.

4. Provide details of two articles in the UN Convention on rights of the child that specifically apply to special needs.

Section 4

Identify the role and responsibilities of the childcare worker in supporting a child with additional needs.

1. Briefly describe the signs and symptoms of two special needs conditions

2. Identify the core skills needed to support a child with these two conditions (mm 4)

3. Discuss best practices in educational early years setting for including a child with special newts

Section 5

Describe a range of support services available to children with additional needs: 1. Give two specialists on a multidisciplinary team and outline their specialist role (i.e.) Speech Therapist, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, etc. 2. Discuss the role of two specialist services that support children with additional needs.

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