Guidance on Timed Online Exam OR Real-Time Online Exam

This blog discusses how timed online exams or real-time online exams are written. This blog discusses in detail the guidance on the timed online exams.

The guidelines are categorized as everything general, things that are required to be done before appearing for the exams, things that are required to be done during the exams, and things that are needed to be performed during the end of the exams. There are also disability services that are provided as part of the guidelines. These services are meant for those who are disabled and who are not in a position to sit for the exams.

General guidance on Timed Online Exam OR Real-Time Online Exam

This section of the blog discusses the general guidelines on timed outline exams or real-time online exams.

The students are provided with extra time so that they can answer the questions when they sit down for online exams.

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If the student is taking the exam at a venue that is outside of Ireland then that person should be aware of the time zone of the place of the exam. The student must also be aware of the time difference between the venue of the exam and Irish time.

Make sure that you arrive at the venue of the exam 30 minutes before the start of the exam. Make sure to check the web connectivity and the software that is installed on the PC. Make sure that the sign-ons are working properly and also make it a point to make the honesty declaration.

Students with disabilities will have exam accommodations. These students can get all the relevant information on exam accommodation from resources available on the web.

If you are unable to attend the exams then waste no time but contact the tutor. In the event, that the tutor is not available then visit the office of the senior tutor.

If you are confronting connectivity problems then it is recommended that you get in touch with the tutors and explain to them your issues so that you can get proper advice.

Make it a point to sign the honor declaration that is furnished to you at the time of examination.

The school has the authority to arrange a viva test (oral) before they can award the grades.

You must go through the college policy regarding plagiarism before writing the test.

You should be ready to face disciplinary actions if you have breached college policies on exams and plagiarism.

what to do before & after Timed Online Exam OR Real-Time Online Exam

This section of the blog covers the guidance on things to do before the exam on a timed online exam or real-time online exams.

You need to understand the types of devices that are required for the exams. Visit relevant online links to know more in this regard.

Software tools like Microsoft Word and Microsoft 365 are useful and therefore install and use on the PC.

Make it a point to comprehend college policies on plagiarism. Sign the honesty statement before starting the exams.

Know the logistics of the exams like duration, date, start and end time of the exams.

Know the exam details like the number of questions, time limits, and information on grades.

Know about how to submit exam papers after completing the exams.

If you are asked to submit the exam using the blackboard assignment tool then you should be able to do that well. In this context, it is important to understand that you should abstain from using the blackboard mobile app as it does not support all types of questions.

You should be familiar with mock exams and mock questions so that you don’t have any difficulty answering the questions of the exam.

You need to listen to your school tutors as they will furnish information on how to access the assessors while the exam is going on.

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Things to do during the exams

This section of the blog lists the things that the student requires doing during the exams.

Make it a point to check the exam paper that has been provided. You require to make sure that you have access to the right exam paper.

Make it a point to go through the instructions that are provided.

Fill up the answer sheets according to guidelines.

If you are done with your exams then you can do the submission of the answer sheets. However, you are required to follow the upload procedures.

If you are confronting connectivity problems then connect with the school.

If you are facing any type of health issues then you should contact your tutor or school immediately.

Things to do at the end of the exam

This section highlights the things that you as a student require doing at the end of the exam.

At the end of the exams, you get some extra time to upload documents online.

As a student participating in the exams, you need to follow processes and submission times.

You need to submit all files that are pertinent to the exams.

Provide proper labels like your name, and student number to all of your submissions.

You need to make sure that you have submitted all documents that are pertinent to the exams in the specified location within the blackboard.

Disability services

Students with disabilities can avail of appropriate disability services by using facilities like inputting exam accommodations in the relevant portal. For more on this visit relevant links online.

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