How to Write Structured Report in Ireland

This article discusses how to write a structured report in Ireland. Structured reports are very much required for academic purposes, social sciences as also in business and hence students in Ireland have to write such reports.

Many students prefer to write reports with assistance from report writers and assignment writers in Ireland. Before writing a report it is important to know what a structured report is. Structured reports are written with a specific objective and for a specific audience.

Structured report writing is a type of academic writing and hence conciseness and clarity are significant.

Steps in writing a structured report in Ireland

Before writing a report you need to be aware of the various guidelines of report writing. It is also important for the report writer to utilize headings to guide the report reader so that the person can read the report properly. Report writing is a kind of academic writing and it has to be concise and clear. Structured report writing comprises some steps that are discussed in this article.

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1. Comprehending the brief

The first and foremost step in report writing is to comprehend the brief. The report writers need to understand the purpose of the report. As a report writer, you need to understand the reasons for writing the report.

Also, while writing the academic report you must comprehend all the directions in the assignment brief. If you are doubtful about the report writing guidelines then you require referring to the tutor or lecturer for clarifications.

2. Compiling the information

To write academic reports it is important to access information. There are many online sources of information and you can use them to write reports. The amount of information that you require depends on the detailing that you need in your report. Read pertinent literature while doing research.

Many report writers focus on questionnaires and surveys to gather data used for report writing.

3. Organizing report writing material

After gathering information for writing reports it is important to know how to present such information. The material that you utilize in writing a report should be well structured and organized throughout the report. You need to get rid of any irrelevant materials.

4. Analyzing the materials

Just gathering the information for report writing is not enough. It is important on your part to analyze the information and place its focus on the problem that is mentioned in the reporting brief. As a report writer, you need to relate the issue or problem that is mentioned in the reporting brief.

5. Writing the first report draft

While writing the first reporting draft you must be concise and clear. There should not be any confusion from your end. You are required to structure the report sections, paragraphs and chapters as lucidly as possible. You are required to use the following format for structured report writing:-

  • Introduction
  • Explanation of important terms within the report
  • Present evidence to establish your points
  • Comment on the evidence that is provided in the report
  • Conclusion

6. Review, edit, and redraft the report

You require reviewing your report. You also need to edit or redraft your report. During this stage, you require to make several amendments as and when needed.

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7. Proofreading

If you are contented with the structure and content of the report then you need to proofread the report. You as a report writer need to refer to the guidelines that are there in the report brief regarding the presentation and format of the report.

8. What is the report structure?

In this section, the article highlights the report structure in full so that the report writers clearly understand how to write a report.

  • Title page

A structured report must have a title page. It outlines the purpose of writing the report. Name, date, and for whom the report is authored are mentioned in this section.

  • Terms of references

This section of the report consists of information about the purpose of the report, the intended audience, and the methodologies used to write a report.

  • Summary

This is a description short of the contents of the report.

  • Table of contents

This section allows the readers to quickly navigate to different sections of the report using page numbers, and links.

9. Headings to be used in the report

Following are the headings that are to be used while writing an academic report in Ireland:-

  • Introduction

An introduction to the report explains the objective of writing the report, acknowledges limitations if any, and outlines the methods that are used for report writing.

  • Methodologies

The report must contain information about the methodologies that are used for report writing. It must highlight the equipment used for report writing, procedures that are followed, and material that is used references to issues faced and subsequent steps to fix them.

  • Results

This section should discuss the results of experiments or investigations.

  • Discussions

This section discusses and analyzes the evidence that is collected with references to the specific issue or problems. The points that are used in this section must be in an easy to follow and logical format.

10. Conclusions

In this section, the article discusses the most important points that are used in the report. New material must not be introduced within the conclusion of the report. The report writer requires making the importance of findings and analysis lucid.

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