Open-Book and Take-Home Exams

This article discusses the open book and take-home exams. It defines the concepts of open-book exams and take-home exams. It discusses the materials that are utilized for such types of exams. It helps the learners to know why open-book exams are conducted in the first place.

It also allows the readers to understand the types of questions that are asked in open-book exams. Many students and learners may have misconceptions about such exams and the article is written in a manner so that all the misconceptions about such exams are cleared in the first place.

Definition of open-book exams

Such exam types allow the candidates appearing for the exams to take notes, texts, and various other resource materials like books to the exam halls, and test centers. Such type of exams tests the ability of the students to find and use knowledge and information. Such exam types are apt for exam situations where there is a requirement for references to notes, texts, or other written documents.

There are two types of the exam as far as open-book exams are concerned and they are listed as follows:-

  • Limited time exams where the candidates are required to sit down and give the exams.

Open book or take-home exams where the question paper about the exam is handed to the candidate appearing for the exam, answers are furnished without assistance from others and the candidates submit the answer sheets within a certain period.

  • Materials used for open-text exams

This article also discusses the materials that are utilized for open-text exams. The materials that are used for the open-text exams vary. These materials include tables, formula sheets, and texts. Other materials may include the candidate’s notes, reference materials, readings, textbooks, drafting tools, and calculators.

There are no restrictions on the type of materials that can be utilized for take-home exams. The candidates appearing for the exams may have to consult the lecturers or refer to the course guide to know about the materials that are to be used in such types of exams.

Need for open-book exams

At the university level if students are to memorize and write tests then they may not be able to fetch good marks. Hence, there is a requirement for the open-book tests. Such exam type makes the candidates skillful and able. Such type of exams tests the ability of the candidates to find pertinent information promptly. It helps the candidates to analyze and understand and apply the knowledge.

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Type of queries that open–book exams have

Open-book exams are not organized to test your memory skills but such exams test your ability to search for information and use the same for solving issues. The open-book exams are there to deliver well-presented and well-structured solutions.

In the open-type exams, the candidates are required to answer questions that are styled like an essay. The candidates are required to answer queries that aim to solve a particular problem.

What are misconceptions about open-book exams?

In this article, the various misconceptions about the open-book exams are discussed in detail.

Thinking that such exam types are easy

Open-book exams and take-home exams are not easy. To give the answers properly the candidates are required to answer the questions by copying information properly. While giving such exams it is important how well you copy information, and use the information that you have copied.

You don’t require studying

If you think that you don’t have to study while sitting for open-book exams then you are wrong. You need to be quite familiar with the content of the course and you need to know the location of the answer in the course material which can be a book or a text.

In open-book exams, it is important that you quickly search for and find the information so that you can copy the same in the answer sheets. If you do not study then you will not be aware of the location of the answer to the question and hence you require to study to answer open-book exams.

Many think that it is easy to copy in open-book exams

While writing answers to questions asked in open-book exams you cannot simply copy text from the study materials, notes, or books. There are issues like plagiarism that you need to cater to while answering the questions.

While answering questions in open book exams you must reproduce the answers properly. You need to search for, interpret and produce the information. As a candidate appearing in the exam you are required to use proper references while answering the questions.

Many think that it is better to have more materials in an open-book exam

Too many materials during an open-book exam can be distracting. It may not guarantee you high performance. Moreover, if there are too many materials then it can crowd up your workspace and it can also result in the waste of time. You don’t have too much time for reading or going through all the study materials. Hence if you think that more materials can help you in open-book exams then your perception is wrong.

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